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Monday, 11 February 2019

10 Things You May Not Know About The World's Richest Man Jeff Bezos That You Can Learn From

He is the man that displaced and replaced Bill Gates as the richest man living on earth and one of the richests of all time: Jeffrey Preston Bezos.
Jeff is an American technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. He is the founder, chairman, CEO, and president of Amazon. All that is known. Here are some other things about the man who built Amazon that you might not know yet.

Friday, 25 August 2017

See how woman who won $758.7 million plans to celebrate her lottery win

53-year-old Massachusetts mother of two, Mavis L. Wanczyk, has become the sole winner of the highest single claimed lottery jackpot in lottery history. On Thursday, Mavis came forward to claim the largest single jackpot win in US history — $758.7m — and promptly quit her job of 32 years at a hospital.
AFP reports that Mavis Wanczyk said she played the lottery as a “pipe dream,” never believing that it would one day be possible for her to retire early from the Mercy Medical Centre, where she has worked for decades.
On Thursday, that dream came true.
“I’ve called up and told them I will not be coming back,” she said to laughter at a news conference hosted by the Massachusetts State Lottery.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

This man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for killing and sexually abusing cats

Robert Farmer is to spend 16 years in US prison for killing 21 cats and sexually abusing 1 of them!
TMZ reports that Farmer, who's dad is a retired captain from the San Jose PD, was apprehended at a Home Depot ... sleeping in his car with a dead cat in the center console. A necropsy revealed he had sexually abused the female tabby cat.
Police found chunks of fur and blood inside the car. They also found a backpack with fur-covered gloves and a hunting knife.

Just when you think you've heard it all!

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Sacked boss says President Donald Trump told him to drop investigation of General Flynn on Russian ties

Former FBI director James Comey has accused President Donald Trump of asking him to close a federal investigation into sacked general Mike Flynn during a February 14 meeting in the Oval Office. Mike Flynn was the former National Security Adviser who was sacked 23 days after appointment after revelations emerged that he was trying to lift US sanctions against Russia.

Old age is here: Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger steps out in army camouflage in L.A @Schwarzenegger

Actor Arnold who is 69 years looks real taken by old age as he stepped out in military uniform in Los Angeles this week.However he is still Conan the great as he looks all strong to take on whatever shows up.
The international movies star and former California governor split from his wife Maria Shriver in 2011 after 25 years of marriage following the revelation that he had fathered a love child with the family’s housemaid, Mildred Baena. Full picture below

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Blac Chyna loses massive hip weight

Slim Blac Chyna
The former stripper turned entrepreneur and mom of two stepped out this week and is a slim shadow of her old self. Ok maybe shadow is too deep. I'll say version instead.
She went out for her belated birthday with her friends in Glendale, California on Monday night.
The reality star, who recently turned 29, displayed her tiny waist in a pink mini-skirt and matching cropped bomber jacket. Another photo below.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Man who killed grandpa on Easter Sunday and uploaded video is found dead.

Steve Stephens
Steve (left) and murdered man
 Cleveland self-proclaimed hitman who shocked the globe on Easter Sunday when he stopped and  killed helpless grandfather & uploaded murder Video On Facebook seems to had run out of "hate fuel" and ended his own life with same gun.

Friday, 14 April 2017

A marijuana church planning to open in Colorado

A new church for cannabis smokers, International Church of Cannabis, is about to open its doors to the public in Denver, Colorado USA on April 20 (world weed day). They took over a former Christian church building and are advertising to be the first large venue in the world where cannabis can be legally consumed in a social environment.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Inta-death: Teenage shoots himself dead on live Instagram video

And now his Instagraming has ended. A mother of 13 year old American boy have tearfully explained how her boy ended his life while streaming a live video on Instagram with a gun that investigators are still trying to discover how he got.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Radio Biafra begin broadcast in U.S.A this Sunday

The continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu, the IPOB leader has not deterred the movement a bit as the free leaders have announced that from Sunday, 19th March 2017, the Radio Biafra will begin live broadcast in the United States.
According to the leadership it is to  ‘expand the broadcasting services of the Biafran struggle’,

Monday, 30 January 2017

Court stops US ban of Islamic countries immigrants

All immigrants to the USA from the 7 banned Islamic countries who had already entered the USA or were on transit to the country when President Donald Trump signed and declared the 90 day executive ban are to be released from detention and allowed into the US. This was according to a ruling by a US high court judge yesterday in favour of the stranded travellers.

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