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How to Download Peoples' Whatsapp Statuses Without Them Sending To You: Pictures and Videos

We all know that WhatsApp status of friends can be very entertaining and interesting. Some rib-cracking videos and amazing photos that will disappear within 24 hours. Many people will go about asking friends to send them those pictures or videos and not all friends will want to do this or have or time data to.

Wall Gecko SALIVA, feces, urine dangerous

Wall Geckos can give you Typhoid Fever and Tape worms! You may have come across the video of a wall gecko having fun with someone's toothbrush by leaking it without permission. The video has been shared many times on social media and Instant messaging like Whatsapp. It has got many asking the question Is wall gecko dangerous? Wikipedia will not help you with that question as the person who wrote about gecko there said the answer is no.

Do you know?: The humongous penis of the elephant

 A large animal needs a large tool. The elephant really has it. Observers even claim that the elephant can use his penis to support himself where his feet might not be able to do so. He can also use the large penis to chase of insects from areas where the nose can't get to. Now you know!  Daily Nigerian News, African News, World News, Celebrity Gists, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Entertainment on Let's Chat on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM

It is Biscuit Bone Not Brisket Bone. Here is Why

BISCUIT BONE vs BRISKET  BONE; the correct one goes to.... I understand this is trending on social media that "It is brisket bone not biscuit bone"  and almost everyone including many graduates and educated  people see it as correct. But it is a wrong "correction".

Will phone explode if you use it while charging? What are the causes of phone explosion? Answer

Photo in circulation on social media showing a person who purportedly got burnt to death from a phone that exploded while being charged and used.  Original source unknown Almost every year, the photo of someone who got charred or whose hand got burnt or destroyed by a "phone explosion" hits the net and causes panic. Stories (that are usually not sourced from any real media) usually follow the photos and warn against using of mobile phones while charging. Such info usually  spread like wild fire as family and friends share immediately they receive  in the spirit of care. While caring is ok, it is also important to do at least a little research into popular infos in circulation before you share.

Success Tonic For The Evening

About Success, I'll say: Success does not start by others believing in your dreams. It takes you believing so much in your dreams that your faith and enthusiasm attracts others to do same. About Ideas, I'll say: The beauty of your idea is never as important as the positive energy you put into it. Facebook wasn't a great idea at first.

Proven Tips to Overcome Shyness on a First Date for Women and Men

  Dates are usual routine for most of us. However, despite its naturalness, it is a huge challenge for everyone. Moreover, going on dates is almost a torture for shy people. This trait surely spoils our lives sometimes, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. All people are different and that is our feature to admire. In this article, I’m going to give some tips which will definitely help you overcome shyness on a date.  After that, you can train your skills on girls from Maria Date .  Below are some Proven Tips to Overcome Shyness on a First Date for both women and men.

Root To Financial Growth Written by Bright Chijioke

To do big things in life, you need to have big money. I believe in starting small, but you still need money to start at all...  No man/woman wants to be BROKE, but we just have to face the ugly fact that we don't always have, as much as we always want.  In this article, I want to share briefly, how to create and sustain wealth. 

Trends: #DNA Facebook Trend and What You Should Know About Why DNA is Trending

If you are on Facebook (yes you are) you would have come across the #DNA trend that has been rocking not only Facebook but all social media.

13 Types Of People You Should Not Do Business or Partner With

Whether you are starting out in business or have already been in it for years, the type of people you partner with or engage in your business may spell success or doom for your entire business or particular project you want to undertake. Here are 13 types of people you should not do business with.

Everything you need to know about NYSC Camp/Camping 2017

Everything you need to know about NYSC camp and camping in Nigeria. How to go through  NYSC   camp without  breaking  down. Corper wee! - Your response  should be Wa! Okay.  You probably  have already told your Facebook friends what state you were posted to for service  by now.  Congratulations  on your on special occasion.  Sincerely  we at Gistgate  congratulate you.

How to stay safe from the May 12 international cyber attack rocking the world #may12

It is no longer news that hackers on May 12th attacked the internet with some malware (called RansomWare) and shut down lots of computers, hospitals, and government agencies  ( read here ). They are demanding for payments ranging from hundreds of dollars to millions to release the "kidnapped" sites and systems.

How to fumigate your house against mosquitoes using NEEM Seed extract

The menace of mosquitoes in most parts of  Nigeria and many parts of west and central Africa is nothing short of sickening and disgusting. The menace is more pronounced anytime a loved one gets sick or dies from the bites of such small creatures.

Cheapest​ MTN Data Bundles: Browse Cheap on MTN for 90 Days starting with 250MB for N200

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8 things every woman must know before marriage; 8 ways to keep your man

B est article to start your April with! Blablabla... I wanted to write an intro. Never mind, let's get to it. 8 things you should know about men before you take that ring. 8 things to know, to keep your man.

No google adsense? How to make money with your blog without Google adsense

Yes Google adsense can be very annoying. They are too picky and sometimes you just wonder what you are doing wrong to permit all those disappointing emails that they send back to you after each application. And yes google adsense is hypocritical and biased. For instance your blog has to have been up to at least six months old if you are applying for Adsense from Africa. And does that solve the problem? Nope. You can blog for 5 years and get up to 10 million views and still get that same sorry reply when you apply for adsense. This is because they do not even care to get people to do the job.Robots do the job and we all know how stupid bots can be.

Do you know that smelling fart (mess) could save your life!

It can be a disgusting experience to perceive the fart (mess or flatulence) of someone else and even your own. And of course it is seen as an act of disrespect or irresponsibility on the part of the person who commits the act when others are present, unless between play mates. But what most people don't know is that smelling fart can actually be good for the health and can even go as much as saving lives! A recent research by scientists has it that the gas you release can help in fighting off of strokes, dementia, arthritis and heart attacks.


Following the continuous killings of Imo State university Students by cultists with over 15 cases of killings and many gunshot cases from last year 2016 till this morning ( See the most recent killing ), here are some recommendations to the Imo state government and Imo State University leadership. These recommendations can also be considered by other state governments where this problem of cultism is eating deep.  Recommendations :  1. Imo State Government should PERMANENTLY position mobile and patrol police around IMSU. Officers should not only patrol after incidents but should be stationed in shifts. Heavily armed police.

Stop receiving unwanted messages from Mtn, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat in one simple step

The Nigerian Communications Commission had released a one step simple method to prevent network providers Mtn, Glo, Etisalat, Airtel from sending you unsolicited messages.

This is your heart without any blood

Very spooky... It's fun to comment and share. Drop yours!