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IMSU senate bans Course Reps, Faculty and Department students association in the school

Imo state university senate (apex decision making body) has prohibited the selection or election of course representatives and faculty and departmental students associations in the school. According to a notice sent to the Heads of Departments and Deans of Faculties from the office of the Registrar, dated 11th May, 2015, the senate has proscribed the practice of selection or election of course representatives and student departmental and faculty associationa in the institution.


The student validation exercise and the course registration for those wha are already studying in Imo state university has been on for a while now. Here are the instructions for processing it.

INSTRUCTION: For the Student Portal, the stages of registration are as follows:



"FREE EDUCATION IS REAL"- IMSU V.C Opens UP On Salient Matters in Interactive Session With The Imo State University and IMSU Alumni Members

Just got this info from a friend and I think it is worth reading. It is tagged the "The COMPLETE Online Interactive Session for IMSU ALUMNI with the Vice-Chancellor of Imo State University Professor Ukachukwu A. Awuzie" which held today, 7/10/2014 and posted online courtesy "Comrade NEWS"
The writeup will seem mixed up at first but you will understad it better as you proceed. This is due to the fact that it was a facebook chat and you know how group chats can be at times with people anxiously asking their own questions. However, I still commend the efforts of Comrade News in bringing this our way. I have tried as much as possible to edit it and make it better understandable and you are advised to read it well because it contains some relevant info about the MOVING OF IMSU AGRIC FACULTY TO NGOR OKPALA, IMSU LAW FACULTY ACCREDITATION, TRANSCRIPTS, IMSU CONVOCATION, IMSU POPULATION, NEW INFRASTRUCTURES IN IMSU, HOW FREE EDUCATION IS RUN IN IMSU etc.


Have you ever visited the official website of the Imo state university?
How informative and interactive do you think it is and did you enjoy the experience?

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Mazi Clement Owunna gets IMSU support:
On the ceremony of the commissioning of the "150 MILLION NAIRA ULTRA MODERN OWUNNA RECREATION PARK" on Tuesday, 23rd August, 2014, the pro-chancellor of Imo State University was shown warm support by students of the university who came out in mass to show their support to Mazi Clement Owunna in his campaign to ne the senator to represent Okigwe zone come 2015.

 Also at the ceremony of the Commissioning of the Owunna Recreation Park, the Chairman of the event, His Lordship, Most Reverend Dr. G. O. Ochiagha, the emeritus catholic bishop of Orlu Diocese thanked the pro-chancellor of Imo state university, Mazi Clement Owunna for his endeavors to better the school. He stated that for the world to be a better place, we all must be involved in selfless service.

 The IMSU vice chancellor in his welcome address, also thanked the state government for its support in repositioning IMSU for greater heights. He lauded the passion of the chairman of…


Monday 22/9/2014 was Governor Rochas Okorocha's birthday. Many students were at the international conference centre to celebrate with the man that has made education free (or at least almost free, since nothing is totally free).

 On Tuesday, 23/9/2014, Governor Rochas visited Imo State University on the event of the commisioning of the newly completed "150 MILLION NAIRA OWUNNA RECREATION PARK" in Imo state university that was constructed by the Chief Peter Sunday Owunna Memorial Foundation, led by the pro-chancellor of the Imo state university, Mazi Clement Owunna. In his well anticipated speech, the governor who is well versed in oratory shook IMSU when he declared that the free education currently been enjoyed by indigenes of Imo state has been extended to include EVERY STUDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY. This means that both indigenous and non-indigenous students of the institution and other state owned tertiary institutions will henceforth enjoy free education in the state.


ON TUESDAY this week the Governor of Imo state and the "Commander General" of free education visited Imo State University to Commision the newly reconstructed Owunna Recreational Park which was and is still known popularly as "Love Garden". For those who knew the place before the reconstruction, it was anything but a garden. It was just a piece of land with few patches of grass ans some usually withered trees. To some, it was just a shortcut road. It was littered and tattered. The seats were old and discomforting.
But the chairman of the IMSU governing councill and Pro-Chancellor, Mazi Clement Owunna would not let that be. And so for about the last six months, intensive work took place that brought about the total transformation of the Love Garden into an edifice fit for a tertiary institution. Here are some pictures of the Owunna Recreational Park, IMSU.

 The governor in his statement on the occasion of the commissioning was so filled with joy that all he coul…

Snippet: IMSU may get another permanent site

A snippet gotten from one of Imo State's daily newspapers today have it that there are still indications that Imo State University Owerri may still be moved from the capital city of Imo state to another Local Government Area.
This is coming from the story that has it that the state governor have started laying foundation of structures that look befitting a versity.
This is however an unconfirmed report. We hope to get you better information that will either confirm or annul this claim.Like us on Facebook HERE
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The department of Theatre Acts imsu is having its Induction for the 100 level students of the department.
The Anchor of this event is our very own comedian MC chuks, and also spinning is a 300 level student of the department DJ kikemez. So far it has been very exciting with many artistes such as brick n lace, Imsu phyno and more.Welcome to Imsu guys!

Dead Bone Rises Again. Fallen Hall Sees Hope

We have earlier reported on the collapse of one out of the newly built twin large halls opposite the St. Joseph Catholic Church, IMSU. visited the site yesterday and found out that the shambles from the collapse are been cleared and the rebuilding work have commenced on fresh foundation. Labourers were seen working hard and erecting pillars and foundations.We also observed that as a way to forestall a repeat of same structural failure on the surviving building, the builders have added some kind of buttressing pillars leaning on the walls at about 30 degrees. This is obviously not part of the original design of the building but is a precautionary measure against possible collapse.
Serious work is going on and soon the dead bone shall rise again.Well, they should do the work they are paid to do very well because we can't afford to hear again of a collapsed building in a school that has renowned engineers and architects among which is the Vice Chancellor and Prof. of Ar…


The Department of Animal Environmental Biology had its manifesto and election today  9/7, which means new executives were selected and have emerged today.
Also, the Departments of Microbiology and Biochemistry had its manifesto today. The DJs that helped make this events interesting were DJ villa, DJ fritzi, DJ sauce etc.
Mehn...those guys they blast!


Faculty of Science is known for its limited equipments and especially structures, but recently (not too recent tho) we noticed new construction in the faculty ( located around the faculty admin offices).
It is not like they don't have lecture halls, it is that they are too small and also not enough to contain the number of students in the faculty. The department of Microbiology alone can fill up six lecture halls depending on the size.
The info we got from a source that spoke to the Dean of Science; Prof I.R Keke is that the purpose of the building is to add more admin offices and one or maybe two lecture hall(s) in the faculty ( no much info on the number of lecture halls). If this initial plan still remains and doesn't change...HALLELUJAH!Finally they have listened to the voice of the students. Please we beg the admin to still carry on with the initial plan to enhance proper learning and making it conducive.
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Under the Faculty of Business Administration, the Marketing department is having their induction for their freshers.It's happening live inside the hall of theatre act dept.popularly known as comassie.
More details will be given to you after the event.


Here are a list of things you can do on the official website of the school ( on any of them to go directly to the function.1) COURSEREGISTRATION2) SEEGUIDELINESFORPAYMENTS3) STUDENTS/STAFFVALIDATION4) ACCESS E-LIBRARY5) APPLYFORICEPSPROGRAMME6)               ADMISSIONLISTS
a) PostUTMEAdmissionList
b) Pre-degreelist
c) DirectEntry
d) Print Direct Entry Admission Status
e) Print PostUTMEAdmissionStatus
f)  Download 2013/2014 postgraduatefirstbatchadmissionlist
g) Print your PGD admission slip
h) PGDsecondadmissionlist check
i)  2013/2014 Direct Entry Admission List
j)  Check Direct Entry Admission Status
k) Check POSTUME Result Status
l) 2013/14 Pre-degree Admission List and Portal* We want chat with you and give you timely info always. Add us on BBM ( GreenBrain: 7E0B740F; Amy: 7E122AD0) or on Whatsapp (Numbers on picture).Like us on Kudos:
All information you will get from the various links are directly f…


Lectures:14 Apr- 18 Jul
Revision: 14-18 Jul
Exam:21-31 Jul
Break: 1-8 Aug                2ND SEMESTER
Lecture:11 Aug-31 Oct
Revise: 3-7 Nov
Exam:10-24 Nov
New session: Dec 1stDid someone just say hurray?
Well, as part of our obligations to bring you info that you need when you need it, we hunted for and got it. This is the Academic calendar for this session. You can download the image to keep it handy. Abeg, tell others about MYIMSU.COM* We want chat with you and give you timely info always. Add us on BBM ( GreenBrain: 7E0B740F; Amy: 7E122AD0) or on Whatsapp (Numbers on picture).Like us on* Note to other websites: We have noticed that our works are been copied and pasted to other sites without permission or kudos to MYIMSU.COM. We don't want to pick a fight. Please advise your members to always give kudos to MYIMSU.COM (not myimsublog or imsublog) as the source of such info.
Thanks. Let's work together to uplift our …


On Monday we posted that the strike action simultaneously embarked upon by SSANU ( Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities) and NASU ( Non-Academic Staff Union) both of IMSU chapter was called off. Well, apparently we didn't have the full gist at hand then. Our observation yesterday showed that it was only the NASU strike that was over by the end of Monday. The library, the bookshop and the laboratories were seen open as early as 7:30 am.
However, offices of senior staff were still locked. The office of the Dean of Students' affairs for instance was locked throughout the day.


SSANU(Senior Staffs Association Of Nigeria Universities) and NASU(Non Academic Staffs  union) IMO state university chapter declared an indefinite strike which started officially today 12/6. This made school today scanty and offices such as bookshops,library, laboratories, faculty offices etc were closed.
Myimsu went round today asking some staffs reasons for the cause of the strike,I don't know..I am not part of them was  the answer given to us.But,take note of is still on! It does not in any way affects day to day activities in school.