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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Twitter user claims Dangote promised to ADOPT him if he got 5,000 Retweets. And he's got more than that

Well if this is not photoshop.... boy is made

See chat between a man and a lady that infected him with HIV

A man has has released a chat between himself and one Gloria from Port Harcourt who he alleged infected him with HIV without letting him know that she was positve. The lady in turn shows no remorse in the chat and claimed that she is having her pay back because theguy tat infected her did same to her. 
Oh my! What a wonderful world. See chat below...

This guy is upset with his girlfriend who collects premarital expenses but won't do premarital...

Lol. When she's making premarital expenses but don't want to give Premarital thing

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Man finally broke his virginity and announced it on Facebook

What a great accomplishment!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Top Best Most Affordable Phones in Nigeria August/September 2017

Choosing a phone to buy in Nigerian market can be confusing. The top phone makers known in Nigeria like Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Injoo, Gionee etc are kings at their games; always coming up with different variations and with slight differences in features and prices.  Many times even after making money to get a phone, deciding on which one to settle for can be an issue. So for those who cannot afford the likes of Samsung Galaxy 8 or Iphone 7 and 7 Plus, here are some best affordable phones that you can purchase for yourself or that loved one this August or in September.
We took time to go through the available phones and after much research here are 10 of our best finds and included are the links you can buy them from at the cheapest prizes and even have them delivered to your doorstep before you make payment in most cases.

List of 10 Most Affordable and Best Android Phones in Nigeria August/September 2017

Leagoo M8 Pro

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Wall Gecko SALIVA, feces, urine dangerous

Wall Geckos can give you Typhoid Fever and Tape worms!
You may have come across the video of a wall gecko having fun with someone's toothbrush by leaking it without permission.
The video has been shared many times on social media and Instant messaging like Whatsapp. It has got many asking the question Is wall gecko dangerous? Wikipedia will not help you with that question as the person who wrote about gecko there said the answer is no.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Oil mogul Ifeanyi Ubah attends wedding with Rolls Royce

 Billionaire oil mogul and owner of Capital oil was pictured in Anambara state at the wedding of the daughter of Chief Odunukwe Charles in Oraukwu, Anambra state yesterday in a silver coloured Rolls Royce Phantom. Another photo below

Fun and Challenging Things Every Adult Should Do Before They Die

So many people go through life without actually living. Life does not consist of just the wake-work-study-sleep-eat-s*x-die routine.
Life is meant to be adventurous and you don''t need to be a millionaire to have adventure. You can start where you are and use what you have.
So let's cut to the chase, here is a compilation of 15 things every adult should try doing before they die.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Can you decide who owns this body?

Graphics designer and blogger at GistGate, Anaturuchi GreenBrain manipulated a cute body with two faces (one is his and one belongs to macho man Martins Noble) and Facebook users have been obsessed by the photos. Many are left confused. Who owns the body? Can you guess!

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

I cooked for my husband with my menstrual blood, pubic hair and washed the toilet with his brush

A married woman gave a very shocking confession on an Instagram page. She said her husband was cheating on her and was keeping late  nights. After she prayed, fasted  and did all other reasonable things she could do to win his heart back but none worked,  she did the crazy ones.  She just wanted to see him suffer. She began cooking for him with her menstrual blood and pubic hairs.  She also did some other strange things.  Her aim was only to see him suffer but guess what....
Read for yourself.  
If you ate using Android phone,  photos may not be very clear so just click them so they will load to a good quality.
What do you think? 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Meet man with 176 children, 13 wives and 10 girlfriends

Mustafa magambo with 176 children
Solomon has reincarnated! Here is a man with 176 children and in fact by the end of the year he will have up to 180 children. He is now seeking for government assistance to train his children in school. Though he still wants more kids.
Mustafa Magambo Mutone, has cried out to the government for financial support. The Ugandan, who is 65 years old is a proud father of 176 children, 90 grandchildren. He has 13 wives and 10 girlfriends. New Vision reports that Mustafa, who is expecting more children, is seeking government's help in order to train some of his 176 children.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

I still Iron my wife's dress - Pastor EA Adebayo |@PastorEAAdeboye

The general overseer of Redeemed Christian church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye, has revealed that he still irons his wife's clothes when he is permitted to do so by her. He tweeted so this week while making known the importance of humility in everyone and especially in men of God. 
The international preacher and leader of a congregation of millions of Christians tweeted:

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Like father like son: Arnold Schwarzenegger's son shows off great body as he goes running on beach

 Arnold Schwarzenegger's son, Joseph Baena was pictured this week taking a shirtless run on the Malibu beach and showing off the great body as he keeps up with daddy in fitness.
He was seen alongside his buddies but his body is more reaped.
Arnold's son

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Funniest Tweet of The Day |@osascruz

Funny Tweet
Lol. This one pause me

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Why I Married My Sister - Man reveals |@gainsgavin

Man who married sister
UPDATE: The real owner of these photos have contacted GistGate and reported that this news is fake. The Twitter user @GainsGavin probably is using this to get unreasonable fame. Please tell every blog you know who carried this.
See Our new post about this HERE
Los Angeles man who married his sister have revealed why he did it.
He took to Twitter to explain why he tied the knot with her. Sharing a photo of him cradling his sister/wife's baby bump. His reason is that love cannot be controlled or contained. His wife/sister is also heavily pregnant.
So one is wondering, will the baby call him "dad-uncle"

Tonto Dike's Husband Who She Accused of Abusing Her Physically is Setting up an NGO Against Domestic Violence

Tonto Dike And Husband Churchill
They are now in their seventh month of separation. At first the world thought that it was a media stunt but it is almost crystal clear now that th marriage between Nigeria's top actress Tonto Dike and her estranged husband Olakunle Churchill is over.
Months back, Tonto accused her husband of physically abusing her.
Churchill have revealed to LIB that he is about to launch an organization that will see to responding to cases of domestic violence. Churchill who owns the Big Church Group also maintained that he was innocent of all allegations against him:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Check out these lovely family photos of Facebook user Tony Okeahialam that Got Us Hooked

 Facebook user and entrepreneur  Tony Okeahialam shared these lovely family photos to mark his 40th birthday today.  The family photos are so amazing and we fell in love with them.
See more pictures below.  Happy birthday Tony.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Rare: Beautiful Photo of Lady and Mom who share same birthday

 GistGate reader Chibuchi Oji is a year older today.
She is one of those rare people who share the same birthday with their parent. She shares same birthday with her mom and she shared a collage of their picture on Facebook today.  See their picture below.
Chibuchi is a graduate  of  Microbiology  from Imo State University, Owerri.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

MCW: Model and Fitness Freak Martins Noble Shows Off Great Body

 Model, Fitness Instructor, Pageant King and Nollywood Actor who was Mr Imo State University in 2014 showed off his great body on his Facebook time line today. Amazing body! More pictures below.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Here's the kind of husband this Facebook user wants

Facebook  user Nwachukwu Blessing wants this kind of husband or nothing.
Who doesn't?

Gistgate Promo

Gistgate Promo