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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Success Tonic For The Evening

Success tips

About Success, I'll say:
Success does not start by others believing in your dreams. It takes you believing so much in your dreams that your faith and enthusiasm attracts others to do same.

About Ideas, I'll say:
The beauty of your idea is never as important as the positive energy you put into it. Facebook wasn't a great idea at first.

Here is an inspirational from Stephen Hawking to start this beautiful day

Good morning.  More gists loading.

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Quote of the day

Quote photo.
Start today!

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Monday, 13 March 2017

This might make you cry: Nursery school pupil write letter to their sick teacher on her birthday

A primary school pupil had penned a very touching letter to her sick teacher on behalf of the entire pupils of her class. 
The female teacher who is currently sick was sent the letter. In the letter the girl Amarachi Uwadiwe reassures their teacher that she and other students are praying for her recovery.
See the  touching letter and the typed format below. Today is Mrs Felix birthday also. 

MUST READ: 10 sure ways to know if you are heading for success

How to know you will succeed photo
Success is a relative term and there are different types of success depending on who, when, what and where. Success for one person could be beating the highest score in a video game and for another could be establishing a unicorn startup company(the $1 billion mark). But generally when we speak of success, it means that someone who has set out or who was expected to do something important and usually demanding has achieved the set goal or goals.
No long stories, let us look at 10 things that you can see in a person or yourself and know that you are heading for success. We can also call this:

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Inspiration for today

Very inspiring.
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Have a great day.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Quote of the day

Believe in your hustle and respect it.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Nigerian builds tractor from 100% Nigerian materials. See

 A Nigerian man has reportedly constructed a strong-looking tractor using only Nigerian material. The Engineer, Timothy Addigi Terfa, who schooled in the UK is from Tiv tribe of Nigeria.
He is getting ready to launch in a bigger way and is calling for investment.

Monday, 4 July 2016

See Covenant University graduate who invented gas-powered pressing iron!

 This is wow!  According to an online report,  this Covenant University graduate Adekunle Adeniran has invented a pressing iron that does not require electricity.  It uses pressured gas contained in a small cylinder. No details have been found for on this yet, we are still searching.
See more pictures of the iron below...

Friday, 24 June 2016

Photo of the day: Monet's Water Lilies painting cost this much, who says you are worthless!

The above painting is one in the series of Claude Monet's infamous painting. A masterpiece of perfection and obstacles. The water lilies were made by the father of French Impressionism at a time he had cataracts.
The above painting was sold at auction at Sotheby's exhibition in London for a breath-seizing $54 Million that is approximately N10,800,000,000 (10.8 billion Naira).

#SelfWorth #DiscoverYou
A painting sold at N10, 800,000,000
Who said you are worthless?
If a painting of water lilies made by man can cost this much!
What about us?  The greatest of God's creations!
Do you know the technology that made made a single cell in your body?
Scientists have never created one single living cell. You are made up of Trillions of cells.
As great as super computers are,  none of them is quarter as powerful as you BRAIN.


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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Wow! Check out these beautiful creative arts using pear, matches and other things

 Wow! I saw these arts on facebook by one Edgar Artis.  He/she used avocado pear, berry,  cucumber, spagethi, burnt match sticks and leaves to design dresses for some beautiful drawn ladies.  The arts are amazing and gives us a different and yummy way of looking at arts.
Whoever and wherever Edgar is,  you are amazing!
See more pictures below...

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Pray For Me video by Mirror of Justice will move you (Original song by Dare Art Alade)

Mirror Of Justice Theater troupe is undoubtedly one of the best drama groups in Nigeria.  They operate from Imo State University,  Owerri and they are exceptionally in all types of drama including comedy,  tragedy and sacarsm.

They have released their own video for the song Pray For Me  by Dare Art Alade.
Even Dare himself will be moved by this video,  download the 6 mins video below and please support by sharing.  So lovely.

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Aw! Man verbally abuses another man not knowing he will be his boss

That's why you must respect everyone,  you never know who is who.
A man forcefully took over the packing lot that the twitter user was waiting for and even told him to fu#k off, little did he know that that same man will be the one to interview him where he was going to look for job.  Karma at its best.

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Wednesday, 11 May 2016



There's a lot you can learn everyday.
In fact,  I can authoritatively state that if you learn 1000 new things in a day,  over a period of 100 years you will still have up to 10 billion things you'll never learn or know.

Don't waste your whole day chatting on social media and watching movies. They are good too but not fundamental to your success in life.
The future belongs to those who learn and are up to date.

Maintain an open mind,  shove pride inside the chimney and learn with any opportunity you find.

The internet is the best thing that had happened to knowledge acquisition and advancement so far. Use it well.

The future belongs to those who learn.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Check out the football skills of this guy with one leg

 The facebook user Nwachukwu Izuchukwu is an amputee but his love for the game of football can't be stopped by that.  He posted pictures from his training session today at the Kanu Nwankwo sports center in Owerri. We wish him all the best.  Oscar Pistorius became racing champ as double amputee,  what's impossible?
See more pictures below... What's your excuse?

Monday, 18 April 2016

Photo of the day: Face your fears

Face your fears.
The more you run away from them, the scarier and more complicated they become.
So face your fears this week and emerge stronger.
Art by GreenBrain

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Photo of the day: You can be

I don't know the kid but it's so inspiring to see him/her in that shirt.
Of course we can be what we believe and work for.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Amazing: Miracle Duru-Ngerem, IMSU graduate who was born without fingers launch her NGO and new Book

The book and NGO of Miss Miracle Destiny Chituru Duru-Ngerem were launched yesterday at Imo State University (ETF 2 building). The event attracted notable dignitaries including the former acting Vice Chancellor of Imo state University and professor of Public health parasitology and Entomology, B.E.B Nwoke.
Duru-Ngerem Chituru Miracle is a graduate of Imo State University from the faculty of Humanities. She was born without fingers and half of her hands, both hands, due to complications during pregnancy. However she has refused to let her challenge hold her down and has joined the likes of Pastor Nick Vujicic (Life Without Limbs) in turning her challenge into advantage by offering helping hands and inspiration to many around the world.
Yesterday she unveiled her new inspirational book: TURNING LIFE CHALLENGES INTO AN ADVANTAGE.
Her N.G.O , ROCK SEED, was also unveiled.
While speaking on the occasion Prof. B.E.B Nwoke said he was the Acting VC some years ago when Miracle walked into his office and told him that she needed admission into the university and since then he has continued to identify with her and will keep doing so as long as life permits. The energetic professor and revered speaker outlined the Life Principles upon while every success relies to include integrity, study, begin with the end in mind, value the goose that lays the golden egg more than the egg, focus, amongst others.
Speaking at the event, Miracle gave reasons for starting Rock Seed foundation, she said it it has the mandate to serve others and provide solutions to people who are challenged in one way or another as well as raise powerful and trustworthy leaders.
Her foundation's name, ROCK SEED, has been approved by the Cooperate Affairs Commission.
Miracle can be contacted on: 08161974974
More pictures from the event are below...

Sunday, 6 December 2015

How I started precious metals business worth millions with #5,000 - Talatu Olulana

 Talatu Olulana, who is the  CEO and founder of Raregems Nigeria Limited, a company that deals on precious metals in Nigeria and beyond has revealed she started her multi-million Naira precious stones business with just 5,000 Naira and she started while she was still a student.
In an interview with Funmi Ajimobi of Vanguard, she reveals how the journey has been so far. A revealing interview that could inspire younger women and even men to take that leap. Happy reading:

How she got to where she is today

As a young girl growing up, I remember I used to have loads of jewellery magazines though I didn’t have any jewellery of my own took interest in looking at the jewellers, especially the stones and I began to learn the names. My first  opportunity of  dealing with jewellery came when I was in higher institution. I had a friend who was selling gold and any time she came from Italy, she was giving me some to sell on commission basis and I was even selling more than her. By the time I graduated from  school, I already knew I was going to deal in jewellery and I didn’t bother looking for paid employment. I just made enquiries on how to go about it and I was told to go to Cotonou. Because I didn’t have money on my own, my mother gave me N5000 and I started  buying and selling  costume jewellery. I hawked my goods from shop to shop and to offices. Many times, I sold everything same day I bought them but because of the little capital, I found myself going to Cotonou three times a week. We started branding wedding rings with our logo R&G, on it after four years and later to necklace and earrings with our logo on the hooks.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

15 courtesy rules that can make your life better

 Very simple things but very important for living happily with others in this age...

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