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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

US seeks death penalty over Charleston church shooting

The US justice department is seeking the death penalty in the case of the Charleston church shooting which claimed nine lives last year.
Attorney General Loretta Lynch said the "nature of the alleged crime and the resulting harm" were factors in choosing the death penalty.
Dylann Roof is charged with the murders of nine worshippers at an African-American church in South Carolina.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Beyonce sued for $7 million by former backup singer who claims she stole her hit song XO from him

Beyonce Knowles has been accused of stealing her hit song, XO, from a background singer.

That singer, Ahmad Lane, has now sued 33-year-old Beyonce and wants $7 million in damages, according to documents published Saturday by Radar Online.

In the ongoing case, Beyonce's lawyers have been working to dismiss the lawsuit, saying Ahmad's claims are 'vague and cryptic.'

Ahmad has alleged that he was the original writer of the song, which he titled XOXO.

In the court documents, Beyonce's lawyers did not agree to any of this and insisted that a singer with '17 Grammy Awards and 118 million records sold' did not need to rip off someone else's property.

Documents dated June 4 pointed out that 'the two works at issue are entirely different songs that share no lyrical or musical similarity, other than perhaps the letters X and O.'

Prior to Beyonce's release of her tune, XO, in late 2013, Ahmad said he gave a copy of XOXO to another background singer, Chrissy Collins.

She is then alleged to have passed on the song to Beyonce, who released it as the first single to her eponymous fifth studio album.

The court papers filed by Beyonce's attorneys further insisted that Ahmad's song and Beyonce's do not share 'melodic content and there is no meaningful similarity in pitch series, rhythm or rhythmic patterns, melodic development or structure.'

A final point made compared the lyrics of XOXO and XO, saying that the former focused on 'wanting to love every inch of the lover's body,' while the latter emphasized spending time with a loved one 'before our time has run out.'

Filed in the United States District Court's Southern District of New York, the 59 pages of legal documents asked a judge to dismiss the suit altogether.

Released on December 16, 2013, XO was the first single (of five) from Beyonce - an album that eventually sold 5 million copies.

It was officially co-written and co-produced by Ryan Tedder, Terius 'The Dream' Nash, and Beyonce.

Ahmad Lane

If I hear!

Friday, 12 June 2015

Her hard work paid off! Kim Kardashian gets a big kiss from Kanye West after pulling out all the stops for his surprise birthday bash

Kim Kardashian has shared another intimate moment from her husband's incredible birthday celebrations.

On Thursday, Kim posted a sweet picture that showed her getting a big kiss from Kanye, after his surprise 38th birthday bash at the Staples Center.

Kim, 34, had gone all-out by hiring the entire venue for Kanye, and by the looks of it the rapper couldn't have been happier.
And the celebrations didn't stop there either.

According to a report by TMZ, the brunette beauty followed her impressive NBA feat on Monday by surprising him with a 7,000 sq ft basketball court, which she secretly had built at their Hidden Hills mansion in California.

In a report published on Thursday, the site states that 'while Kanye was shooting around with his celebrity friends, Kim had construction crews break ground on the new home court going up at at their home.'

Currently incomplete, the bespoke court is allegedly only at 'stage one' of the development, but is expected to be completed imminently.

TMZ added that the mother-of-one also used the opportunity to build a so-called 'glam room', which is expected be for her own personal use.

The news comes just days after Kanye enjoyed the birthday of a lifetime, earlier this week, when Kim splashed out $110,000 to hire out the entire Staples Center.

Romantically,she led him blindfolded to the Los Angeles venue for a star-studded party.

Having hired the whole 20,000-seat home of the Los Angeles Lakers, up first, Kanye got to play basketball with his favourite NBA players - and Justin Bieber too.

Another birthday surprise! According to reports, Kim Kardashian followed her impressive NBA feat by surprising Kanye West with a 7,000 sq ft basketball court, which she had built at their Hidden Hills mansion

Sister Khloe was first to Instagram about the news, telling her followers: 'Kim rented out staples b!!! Him and his boys are going to bal!!!!! Happy birthday Yeezy!!!!'

Eventually, Kim took to Instagram herself to talk about the special day, saying: 'Thank you Staples Center for the most amazing birthday party for Kanye!'

She also posted a picture of Kanye blindfolded in the car en route, with a cheeky Kim sticking her tongue out, saying: 'surprise!'.

'Surprise!' Kim revealed that she made Kanye wear a blindfold en route to the venue, and had no idea where he was headed

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Malaysia earthquake blamed on naked tourists

Two men and two women have been arrested and blamed for causing the earthquake that happened in Malaysia last Friday which also killed 16 people. According to the local authorities, the tourists who posed naked on the summit of the popular Kinabalu mountain to take photos made the spirits of the mountain angree, thus causing the quake that  killed 16 people most of who were pupils.
The indigenous people of Sabah believe the tourists' behavior, deemed disrespectful of local culture, angered the spirit of the mountain and was the reason for the earthquake.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Whitney Houston 'was blackmailed for $250k over claims she had a lesbian affair,' claims former bodyguard

Whitney Houston was blackmailed 23 years ago by someone purporting to know all about the singer's love life, a new book alleges.

Author Ian Halperin makes the claim in his book released this week, 'Whitney & Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame,' the New York Post reported.

Citing a FBI report, the newspaper says an attorney sought to have Houston pay him $250,000 back in 1992.

The attorney claimed to have 'knowledge of intimate details regarding Whitney Houston’s romantic relationships and will go public with the information' while speaking to a federal agent, an excerpt of the report quoted by the New York Post said.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Amazing pictures of little Prince George and his two-week-old sister as they cuddle on the sofa

Cradling his two-week-old little sister in his lap, Prince George plants a loving kiss on Princess Charlotte, proving he is every inch the proud big brother.

Captured here in a beautiful series of photographs, taken by the Duchess of Cambridge and released last night by Kensington Palace, it’s clear how much the new siblings have bonded.

The first official photographs of the Princess were taken at the family’s country home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk, just two weeks after Charlotte’s birth on May 2.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Estimated costs on Caitlyn's Face

She debuted as Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair earlier this week.

But the 65-year-old's new face came with a price tag, one estimated to be in the realm of $70,000.

On Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe and her sisters hint at Bruce preparing to undergo 'facial feminization surgery' and the following morning the world finally met Caitlyn.

Plastic surgeon Dr David Alessi speculated about the cost of the procedure in an interview with Page Six.

Dr Alessi, who is based in Los Angeles, performs nearly a dozen similar surgeries each year, which softens certain characteristically male features and adding a few feminine touches.

Alessi told the publication that he believes Bruce underwent six procedures to get Caitlyn's face.

Among the surgeries he claims that the former decathlete underwent Rhinoplasty, which runs anywhere between $9k to $15k.

Then a facial rejuvenation surgery that often costs in the neighbourhood of $25,000.

Alessi also think that Caitlyn has had a brow lift (around $12k), cheek implants ($6K-$8K), Adam's apple shave ($6K-$10K), and Botox ($800).

The total amount the surgeon estimates the cost of all the procedures is around $70,000.

In addition, most patients who undergo similar procedures get yearly touch ups and tweaks, to maintain their appearance - and Alessi thinks Caitlyn will be no different.

He also believes that Caitlyn will want other procedures down the road, including liposuction to have a more hourglass shape.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Tracy Morgan will never fully be himself again says his doctor as comedian praises the medical team that aided his rehabilitation

Tracy Morgan will never fully recover from the injuries he sustained in last June's truck crash his doctor has said, but he will continue to improve.
Dr Brian Greenwald, Medical Director of the Center for Head Injuries at JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey, said that there is no end-date in sight for Morgan's therapy.
Greenwald said that he and his team at JFK will do everything they can to get him to be the best Tracy Morgan he can be.

Bruce Jenner unveils his new female identity as Caitlyn and lifts lid on marriage to 'controlling' ex-wife Kris … while Kardashian matriarch brands ex-husband as 'passive-aggressive'

Former sporting champion Bruce Jenner launched a stinging attack on ex-wife Kris as he unveiled his new female identity as glamorous Caitlyn on the cover of Vanity Fair.

The pair were married for 23 years until their divorce was finalised in December, but Caitlyn, who has now transitioned, has branded the matriarch 'controlling' and says she felt 'mistreated'.

Caitlyn, who debuted her busty feminized self on the cover while wearing a white corset, said Kris 'wasn't very nice' and that gender didn't cause them to divorce - it was mainly her treatment of him.
'The first 15 years I felt she needed me more because I was the breadwinner,' she told Vanity Fair.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Kim Kardashian pregnant with baby number 2

Baby number 2! Kim and Kanye will welcome a baby brother or sister for toddler North, who turns two on June 15
Kim Kardashian is pregnant with her second child with husband Kanye West.
The 34-year-old reality star dropped the bombshell news right at the end of Sunday's mid-season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!
In a teaser clip for the rest of the upcoming season, delighted Kim - whose daughter North turns two on June 15 - is seen being told she's finally expecting again after months of fertility struggles.
The excited star tells her stunned sister Khloe: 'I just got the blood test back, and I am pregnant!'
It's not known how far along Kim is in her pregnancy or when the newest addition to the Kardashian clan is due to make an appearance. 
Congrats to them.

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Utah woman to serve at least 49 years for choking to death her six newborns and hiding their bodies in the garage

A Utah woman convicted of strangling six of her newborns and hiding their bodies in her garage will serve 49 years in prison before her first parole hearing.

Megan Huntsman, 40, has been scheduled to appear before the Utah Board of Pardons in April 2064 when she will be 89 years old, Parole spokesman Jim Hatch told Fox 13 on Friday.

The parole board will decide her release date.

The Pleasant Grove woman, who told police she was too addicted to meth to care for more children during the decade she killed the babies, was handed six sentences of five years to life in prison in April.

Authorities said Huntsman's estranged husband was the babies' father and found their stored bodies last April.

A seventh baby found in the garage was stillborn.

According to the KSL local news station, a detective recounted Huntsman's cold and deliberate method of execution during her sentence hearing in April.

The officer said Huntsman said she would take the babies in her hands when they were just minutes old.

Then, he said, she would press on their necks with her thumbs until they choked to death.

Ultimately the corpses of seven babies were found - one of which was determined to have been stillborn.

The crimes were uncovered by Huntsman's husband Darren West - now estranged - who called police when he found the first body.

The births and murders are said to have taken place from 1996 to 2006.

According to stunned neighbors when she was arrested, Huntsman was 'perpetually slim' and they would never have suspected she was pregnant

Above Darren West who was the babies' father

'I demand that I climax': Nicki Minaj gets very frank as she discusses her bedroom antics

Nicki Minaj was incredibly candid discussing her bedroom antics, specifically the importance of her own pleasure in a new interview.

'I demand that I climax,' the 32-year-old rapper told the July edition of Cosmopolitan.

'I've been told that I'm like a guy. Like, "Why do you always have to climax?" Uh, because I do. We're both doing this for the same reason. We both want the same feeling at the end, so if I can't have that feeling, I'm going to make you feel like s***.'

The Feeling Myself hitmaker said it 'hurts her heart' that there are women in the world who have never climaxed.

Nicki - born Onika Maraj - marveled: 'It's cuckoo to me. We always have orgasm interventions where we, like, show her how to do stuff. We'll straddle each other, saying, "You gotta get on him like that and do it like this." She says she's a pleaser. I'm a pleaser, but it's 50-50.'

The six-time Grammy nominee also revealed she's not that into erotic toys, saying: 'I like playing mentally, with words. If the sex is good, you don't need it.'

In fact, Minaj recently engaged in a semi-public tryst in the back of her Range Rover with her boyfriend, Meek Mill.

'That's a turn-on. It's exciting!' admitted the Night is Still Young star.

'[But the Range Rover was] so small and uncomfortable. Neither of us could believe we were doing that, but it happened. For him, it was really great. Like, super, super great.'

But when it comes to her enviable hip-hop career, Nicki says no to hanky panky and refuses to be 'flirtatious.'

'I decided early on that I wouldn't sleep with men in the business. And that made me feel empowered as a woman - that when I walked into rooms with these people, they weren't able to say, "I slept with her,"' the 5ft2in stunner explained.

'Just like a man, I hold my own. As a woman, if you don't know who you are when you walk into a room, especially with men, they will eat you alive. And you can never walk back in that room for the first time again.'


Bruce Jenner to 'grace the cover of Vanity Fair as a woman'..and will be shot by Annie Leibovitz

Bruce Jenner is set to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair as a woman.

The former Olympian - who came out as transgender in an interview Diane Sawyer last month - will unveil his new look for the very first time in a feature with the monthly title.

TMZ also reports that famed celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz will shoot Bruce the cover.

Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz has reached out to representative for Jenner, Leibovitz and Vanity Fair, who have so far been unavailable for comment.

The subject of Bruce's new-look is highly anticipated, and was expected to be revealed on a forthcoming E! reality show.

Recently, the network has shown scenes of Bruce showing his step daughter Kim Kardashian his female wardrobe.

However, so far Bruce has kept his image as a woman, and his female name under wraps.

Leibovitz is one of the most renowned celebrity photographers, having shot many classic covers for Vanity Fair, including Demi Moore posing naked when pregnant.

TMZ also report that the magazine will come 'around the same time' as his docuseries for E!

The most recent episode showed the continuing struggle of Bruce's family to accept his announcement to transition to a woman.

This led Bruce to visit a therapist and motivational speaker Leigh Weintraub in Los Angeles.

'She's kind of shut me out lately,' Bruce explained when speaking of his concern for youngest daughter, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.
'I don't want her to go way, emotionally go away,' he added.

For her part, the teenaged reality star did not seem interested in the rest of her family's attempts to bridge the gap between father and daughter.

'My sisters always try and make me talk about everything but I don't want to right now,' Kylie said.

On April 24, Bruce announced during a 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer that he was transitioning into a woman.

The world-famous decathlete had already spoken to his family about this by the time the special aired, a situation shown in a two-part Keeping Up With The Kardashians special, About Bruce.

Appearance on a glossy: Bruce might turn out looking like

Friday, 29 May 2015

Man feeds, hugs and plays with hammerheard shark to show it is not too dangerous

Wolfed down: Mr Romeiro has produced a number of short films promoting the beauty and complexity of sharks
Shark whisperer Joe Romeiro treats great hammerheads sharks no different to puppies.
The US filmmaker is pictured patting, hugging and hand-feeding one of the huge animals - and even holds its nose just inches from its razor-sharp teeth.
In a series of astonishing photos, the 20ft shark appears to be putty in Mr Romeiro's hands as he feeds it fresh fish while diving a mile off the coast of the Bahamas. 
His partner and photographer Bill Fisher explained how the pair were able to get so close to the sharks, which can weigh up to half-a-ton.
He said: 'Joe's job is to control the bait, and the sharks. The sharks may appear like they are trying to get the diver, but they are in fact after the bait.
'A person has a much greater chance of getting bit, or mauled by a dog, than a shark. More pictures after cut...

Texas flooding brings tide of more than ONE THOUSAND SNAKES into homes

Texans whose cities have been deluged by torrential flood waters have another problem to contend with - a tide of more than one thousand snakes seeking shelter in their homes.

Panicked residents of the Lone Star State, as well as those in Oklahoma, which has also been swamped by the floods, have been finding the reptiles slithering into their houses in a bid to escape the rising waters.

Species including the rat snake - which can grow up to six feet long - have been found inside homes, nestled in the wheels of cars and hiding on patios.

The onslaught of snakes has led to a spike in calls for rescue services to shift them out, with more than 1,000 calls for help issued in North Texas and Houston.

There are four types of venomous snake in northern Texas - rattlesnakes, copperheads, cottonmouths and coral snakes - but they are vastly outnumbered by their non-deadly cousins.

Many Texans confronted with a curled-up reptile in their home have taken to sharing the photographs to social media for help working out whether they are in danger.

Groups like What kind of snake is this? have documented dozens of cases of snakes, most of which turned out not to be dangerous.

According to snake experts, when a snake is found inside a home it is best to leave it alone or attempt to shepherd it away gently with a broom, rather than try to kill it.

A spokesman for 911 Wildlife, a Houston pest control company, said: 'The important thing is not to try and kill the snake because that's how people get bitten. If you're trying to hit it with something, then the snake is going to strike and defend itself'.

Police have cautioned parents to keep their children clear of flood waters because it is mating season for alligators, creating hazards for anyone nearby.

'Alligators travel great distances this time of year and having more water to do it in certainly facilitates it,' said Major Chad Norvell with Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department in Texas.

Another threat lurking in flood waters is stinging fire ants, according to Bradshaw.

'They will form a mat on the surface of the water,' Bradshaw said.

'If people see something that looks like a brown rug floating, that's a nest. Stay away.'

This snake was found wrapped around a car in Texas, where flooding has caused the creatures to flee their homes - and often end up in humans' houses instead

One family found this snake, which was rattling its tail, on their patio in Wylie, Texas

This snake - thought to be a rat snake - slithered its way into one Texan home. The image was shared on social media

This much smaller snake - thought to be an earth snake was found in a back yard in Dallas

The sheriff's department in Fort Bend county, just outside Houston, posted this image along with a warning to keep children away from flood waters

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Over 1100 people dead due to heat wave in India

Stifling heat has killed more than 1,100 people in India in less than one week.
The worst-hit area is the southeastern state of Andhra Pradesh, where authorities say 852 people have died in the heat wave. Another 266 have diedin the neighboring state of Telangana.
India recorded its highest maximum temperature of 47 degrees Celsius -- 117 degrees Fahrenheit -- at Angul in the state of Odisha on Monday, according to B.P. Yadav, director of the India Meteorological Department.


A police officer who was dragged into the woods by three attackers was saved thanks to his trusted dog.

Deputy Todd Frazier of Long Beach, Mississippi, a K-9 officer, pulled over last Monday night to check on a car when he noticed that the man in the front seat appeared to be passed out and the lights were off.

That is when two men appeared nearby and distracted him as the driver got out and all three men dragged Frazier into the nearby woods.

'They told him they were going to slit his throat, and they were dragging him toward the woods,' Chief Deputy Don Bass said according to The Clarion-Ledger.

He said the men then planned on dumping the body after killing him.

When asked if the incident might have something to do with recent gangs stating they would attack any police officers they encountered on sight, Bass said 'at this point in time I don't care.'

Regardless of their motivation, the men were quickly foiled when Frazier managed to unlock the back doors of his squad car using a pop mechanism that he activated on his key chain.

That sent Lucas, Frazier's K-9 dog, running after his owner and the men.

The dog bit at least one of the attackers before they ran off, jumping into the Town Car Frazier first stopped to inspect and speeding away from the scene.

Frazier suffered a two-and-a-half-inch cut to his forehead from what a doctor believes was a box cutter and multiple bodily injuries.
He was taken to a local hospital and released.

Bass claims the incident may have to do with gangs in the area.

'We've been stressing this for months and months now. It's no different from last week we get a BOLO from the state alerting us that the Black Gangster Disciples have put out an SOS, or Shoot on Sight for police officers,' he said.

The three suspects remain at large.

The sheriff department has released numbers to be reached upon any info concerning this matter.

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Taylor Swift, 25, beams with delight after becoming the youngest person to make Forbes' list of the world's most powerful women

Taylor Swift has set another record.

The 25 year old singer and songwriter has become the youngest woman ever to be included on the Forbes list of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women.

She's included at number 64 in the list released on Tuesday because, Forbes says, she 'has not only broken record sales and captivated the world with her fantastically honest lyrics, but she has proven herself as an impressive businesswoman.'

Forbes said she has changed the nature of celebrity by posting personally on Twitter and Instagram and making time to engage with her fans or 'Swifties'.

It also cited her controversial decision to pull her music from the streaming service Spotify.

'There’s no denying that she’s one of the most significant cultural influencers of our time,' Forbes said.

Other celebrities making the list include Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops the list as the most powerful woman in the world.

Hillary Clinton is second and First Lady Michelle Obama is in tenth place. The Queen is at 41 on the list.

I like this girl!...Go Taylor!
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Flooding death toll rises to 17 dead, At least 11 people still missing and cyclist finds casket containing human remains in submerged Houston

12:31 26 May

The death toll from extreme weather in Texas and Oklahoma has risen to 17 after a man's body was found in the Braes Bayou in Houston.

Meanwhile, the search went on for at least 11 people who were still missing in Hays County, including a group that disappeared after a vacation home was swept down the river and slammed into a bridge.

Flood waters are slowly starting to recede this afternoon in Houston, where a historic four inches of rain in just a few short hours wreaked havoc and led to at least three deaths.

Interstate highways in the nation's fourth-largest city turned to raging rivers, neighborhoods became lakes and hundreds of people had to be rescued from flooded homes and stranded vehicles. The flooding had one other horrifying consequence - snakes and other creatures that were flooded out of their homes crept into homes and vehicles in search of high ground.

A casket with human remains inside was found on a hiking trail in Houston on Tuesday and police say the storm waters may have torn the coffin right from its grave.

Walter Rubio got quite a fright when he saw the casket as he was biking in Keegan's Bayou early on Tuesday morning.

'I was on my bike and when I came, I seen the casket and I got a little scared so I had to go to the main street and get the cops,' Rubio told ABC.

Houston reports that after unsuccessfully trying to move the casket he called the police, and a woman's body was found inside. A medical examiner is trying to confirm the woman's identity.

Police believe the casket was ripped out of the nearby Riceville Cemetery, where some people have been buried since 1989, and was then carried 100 yards to the bike trail.

'It's disheartening when you have a situation like this,' Deacon Reginald Fields said. 'Nobody wants to come eight years later to relive someone's death.'

See photos below of damaged properties and volunteers during cleanups

The storm also left hundreds of basketball fans trapped in the Toyota Center for up to six hours after the Houston Rockets-Golden State Warriors Eastern Conference Finals game Monday when the National Weather Service declared a flash flood emergency and an announcer asked fans not to leave because of severe weather. Rockets star Dwight Howard stayed with fans into the night and helped to entertain them.

Eight of those who are still missing are from one vacation house in Wimberley, which was washed off its foundation and smashed into a bridge Sunday night. Five adults and three young children from two different families are assumed dead.

One mother made one final, frantic phone call as her vacation home was being swept away by flash flood waters on the Blanco River on Sunday night.

'I'm in a house. I'm floating down the river. Tell mom and dad. I love you, and pray,' 33-year-old Laura McComb told her sister.

Mrs McComb and her two children Andrew, 6, and Leighton, 4, are among the people still missing following flash floods near the popular vacation spot of Wimberley over Memorial Day weekend.

Missing: Laura McComb and her children Andrew, 6, (right) and Leighton, 4, (left) are believed to be dead after their vacation home was washed away in severe flooding

Only Mrs McComb's husband, Jonathan McComb, survived. He was found 12 miles away clinging to a tree with multiple broken bones.

'He is absolutely devastated. He did everything he possibly could to save them,' Ms Shields told KVUE-TV.

Lone survivor: Jonathan McComb (left) was the only one found alive when the vacation home was swept away. The eight other people who were in the cabin are believed to have been killed

A casket with human remains inside was found on a hiking trail in Houston on Tuesday and police say the storm waters may have torn the coffin right from its grave

Sunday, 24 May 2015

'World's oldest person' celebrates 116th birthday

Talley will celebrate twice, including a Sunday birthday party at her church, New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist
Jeralean Talley of Inkster, Michigan, the world's oldest person, celebrated her 116th birthday on Saturday.
she is said to be world's oldest person and she celebrated her 116th birthday on Saturday in the Detroit-area city of Inkster, Michigan.
The Gerontology Research Group considers Jeralean Talley to be the oldest person alive based on available records, followed by Susannah Jones of Brooklyn, New York, who turns 116 in July.
'You're more likely to the win the lottery than to reach this age,' said Robert Young of Gerontology Research. 

Gistgate Promo

Gistgate Promo