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Saturday, 29 July 2017


Chinua Achebe
This is long but interesting!

I never knew I would be prompted by necessity to pen this. As a matter of fact, I loathe that I am writing this piece, but sometimes a writer is helpless in the face of the need to write. I am helplessly writing this, I can't bear it anymore.

This piece may upset some people, but people's nerves are meant to be unsettled, so if you feel indicted by what I'm about to say, bring the heat on.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

It is Biscuit Bone Not Brisket Bone. Here is Why

BISCUIT BONE vs BRISKET  BONE; the correct one goes to....

I understand this is trending on social media that "It is brisket bone not biscuit bone"  and almost everyone including many graduates and educated  people see it as correct.

But it is a wrong "correction".

Saturday, 8 July 2017

An Open Letter to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu By Modesty Vitus M Ezenwa

Editor's Note: This letter to Nnamdi Kanu was written by Modesty Ezenwa. I think it is very insightful. Enjoy.

" Listen brother KANU , I understand the frustration. I wish things can work that way. But everything that happens in the world has a precedent and there is something called international law. That's where the elites and intelligentsia are important for the struggle.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Success Tonic For The Evening

Success tips

About Success, I'll say:
Success does not start by others believing in your dreams. It takes you believing so much in your dreams that your faith and enthusiasm attracts others to do same.

About Ideas, I'll say:
The beauty of your idea is never as important as the positive energy you put into it. Facebook wasn't a great idea at first.

Proven Tips to Overcome Shyness on a First Date for Women and Men

Overcoming Shyness on a first date
 Dates are usual routine for most of us. However, despite its naturalness, it is a huge challenge for everyone. Moreover, going on dates is almost a torture for shy people. This trait surely spoils our lives sometimes, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. All people are different and that is our feature to admire. In this article, I’m going to give some tips which will definitely help you overcome shyness on a date. After that, you can train your skills on girls from Maria Date
Below are some Proven Tips to Overcome Shyness on a First Date for both women and men.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Root To Financial Growth Written by Bright Chijioke

To do big things in life, you need to have big money. I believe in starting small, but you still need money to start at all... 

No man/woman wants to be BROKE, but we just have to face the ugly fact that we don't always have, as much as we always want. 

In this article, I want to share briefly, how to create and sustain wealth. 

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Must Read: The Crucifixion of Evans; Between Evans The Kidnapper and The Typical Nigerian Politicians

For the past one week, 36-year-old Mr. Chidumeme (English: God Directs my Doings) Onwuamadike (Death knows not the great) has moved from the most wanted kidnapper in Nigeria to a celebrity criminal and the most wanted man by the media. Revelation upon revelation are being unraveled about the life of the billionaire kidnapper from Nnewi and his hometown in Umudim Nnewi, Anambara State has become a tourist attraction of a sort.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Social Media and The English Language by Reuben Abati

Read and enjoy, very enlightening article by Guardian columnist Reuben Abati as he writes on impact of social media communication techniques on correct English usage,  you will surely learn some new things:

I get confused these days reading many of the posts on social media, and text messages sent through cell phones, because of the kind of new English that young people now write. The English language is without doubt quite dynamic. In the last 200 years, it has lent itself to many innovations, as cultural, religious, and situational codes have transformed the language and extended the dictionary, with new words and idioms.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

7 Signs Your Boyfriend Isn’t Serious About Your Relationship

It happens.People fall out of love and become disinterested.Buh how do you tell when your boyfriend isn’t into you anymore or isn’t taking the relationship seriously? 
You could just ask, buh he may pretend everything’s okay and you won’t get a real answer.So if you suspect your boyfriend has been experiencing a change of heart in your relationship, here are some signs that may just confirm it.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

MUST READ: 12 Tips to make it in University Exams, IMSU in focus

Examination period is a scary time for many while some others look forward to it with excitement. The difference between these two categories of students is in their knowledge and attitude towards success. I have a lot of things to do also so I won't bore us with long write up.
Here are some timeless tips that every person can use and at least stay beyond the average line after every examination. For Students of Imo state University reading this, you should know I am writing from experience as one who has failed in some exams and succeeded in others.
1. Make Hay while sun shines: One very bad mistake most students make is to keep procrastinating study till a week or two before exams. The brain needs enough repetition for it to memorize properly. It is better to read your lecture note or topic the evening after the lecture and read the same material over three times before exam. Don't wait till exam timetable comes out before you begin reading in a hurry. This has led to the downfall of many. As we have heard many times Proper preparation prevents poor performance, proper preparation is timely preparation.
 2. Attend lectures: Some lecturers will not necessarily set questions from the textbook but from what they say in the classroom. In fact their are some exams that are based solely on the lectures. If you miss a class, please ask someone brilliant for notes and explanations.
3. Create or Join a reading clique: No man should be an island. Believe it or not, having a clique of excellence-minded friends can only do you good. A reading group will make feel more inspired to keep up with the team. A good reading team will sometimes stay an hour or two behind after school or go for night class together and help each other stay awake and solve problems together. Surely there will be times when you will start getting distractions, it will take you clique members to hold you back and help you stay focused. You can make a whatsapp or facebook group where you can discuss problems and solve them.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Red carpet host and soldier P-ice says he doesn't celebrate Christmas, gives 10+1 reasons

Popular tall red carpet presenter for YouInternational magazine Prince Oleru "P-ice" posted on Facebook and bbm yesterday that he doesn't celebrate Christmas. See his reasons below:

"Somebody pls prove me wrong.........
10+1 Reasons why I don't celebrate Christmas.
1. Jesus Christ was NOT born on December
25th (No record)
2. Jesus did NOT celebrate his Birth
3. Jesus did NOT command us to celebrate His birth
4. Christmas is of pagan origin
5. Christmas is NOT in the Bible.
6. Christmas is an addition to God's word (Rev.22:18)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Man We Are: Praying For Younger Yesterdays by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike (@Hardynwa)

Article by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike. Happy reading:

Yesterday? Does it matter? So will many say especially the male folks. Women have their bits of the sins of yesterdays but this is not about them, but mostly against them.

Some men can mostly brag that they have never wronged a woman in their younger years, while others will only have the sin of not being able to count the number of ladies they have wronged in the name of using and dumping.

As if that is the only sin in the youthful days of a man, but it isn’t. The major sins of every young man are decisions and indecisions. You either decide to do the wrong thing or nurse delays in choosing to do the right things.

Life has side effects. You either live or die. Everything has side effects even starving. As a young person of about 18 years, we often feel wild and free, tasting and seeing everything we can reach, but somewhere in another part of the world, our mates are dying, others are getting married, some are unveiling life changing inventions and others are working out means to make money from our lousiness.

Let’s look at the younger days as when we have nothing to lose; when we are free to try this and that to see where our passions will drive us to. Because in our teens, most of us are usually students, we have time to think, create and invent but we don’t do these things.  We rather invent lines to woo girls; party concepts that will beat the one of the previous week and in these things we do, time is passing; irreplaceable time.

Friday, 4 December 2015

#LetterToSisters: Managing friends’ and exes’ hookups by Chinedu Hardy (@hardynwa)

Chinedu Hardy Nwadike writes yet another letter to ladies, enjoy:

Hell no! Letting your friend date an ex is more like watching your friends reach the highest level on a game you couldn’t play and on the other hand where they can’t handle it, you feel like they are damaging everything you have built.

The truth is the truth and no matter how you see it, every time you and your friends hang out with your boyfriend, just know that one of them could be the next girl when your reign ends. This always happens when you are the one who called the relationship off.

While you and your friends played all your games, there is always one that is close to your character and if they are better, congratulations because she might be your successor. There is no guilt in the heart of a guy in making this move, it is only for the girls to deal with it and it most cases, it is the ink that draws a battle line between good friends.

What is even an ex?

An ex is simply someone you no longer need in your life unless someone is still getting pension. Relationships are not like civil service where one is connected to the job till death, it ends when it ends and this is one thing ladies should see.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

#LetterToSisters: Beating the fish brain syndrome by Chinedu Hardy @hardynwa

Article by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike:

I just hope that this will not get me into trouble of any kind because it seems I am not trying to mind my business here. Hello sisters, please forgive me in advance if I end up saying something that will hurt somebody. Always remember that I have already apologized, so don’t ask for it again.

While I was growing up, I saw my friends address girls as people with ‘fish brain’ without even understanding what they meant until I was forced to consult my Modern Biology textbook and saw how tiny that brain was.

It was always funny to listen to their exploits with girls; there was always something new for them with the annoying part being that they used the same method to mark all these achievements.

Using the same method got them the same result and that was simply sleeping with the girls. It was the end of the story for any journey between a boy and girl then because we were born when hip-hop was invented. It was the music of money, alcohol, women and sex; there was nothing like true love in the lyrics of these songs.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Article: THE MAN THAT WE ARE by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike @hardynwa

 All men cheat! That is the justification for every man that is cheating on his women today and there has never been a single reason to contradict that short phrase.

Women often use this as their defense when they don’t give their all in a relationship and some men who understood what it means to be in charge, often use it as a reason to cheat more and more.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Femi Fani-Kayode writes in support of Biafra, he calls for release of Nnamdi Kanu and calls Nigeria an unworkable and oppressive state

His article written last weekend and published online on 25th October 2015 in which he urges President Buhari to release Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, immediately. The article is titled NNAMDI KANU AND THE CRY FOR BIAFRA:

I am not a Biafran and neither am I igbo. I do however believe that it is the inalienable right of any human being or ethnic nationality to aspire to be free and to be able to determine their own destiny. The right of self-determination is enshrined in international law and it is guaranteed by every moral stricture known to man.
It is a right that has been exercised successfully over and over again in world history and it has led to the creation of new nations which were carved out of older ones. The denial of that right and the suppression and persecution of those who attempt to exercise it leads to nothing but defiance, dissent and resistance and, if not properly managed, it eventually spills over into war and carnage.
This has been the primary cause of most of history’s most brutal civil wars, including the American, Russian, French, English, Indian, Sri Lankan, Sudanese, Nigerian, Angolan, Congolese, Zimbabwean, Yugoslavian, Ukrainian, Nicaraguan, Cuban, Irish, Syrian, Libyan, Indonesian, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Iraqi, Italian, Lebanese ones and countless others. I do not believe in violent change and neither do I believe in war, revolution, terror or the use of arms in the pursuance of even the most noble causes.
I do however believe in the power of ideas and the right of any man, woman or people to yearn to be free from bondage and to peacefully and freely express that yearning. It is in this context that I situate my belief in and support for those that view the Nigerian Federation as an oppressive entity which has effectively enslaved its people in an attempt to create what is essentially an artificial and unworkable state.
Those that believe in Nigeria have every right to continue to do so and to voice their resolve to keep Nigeria one. What they do not have the right to do is to refuse to offer the same degree of freedom of expression to those that do not believe in a united Nigeria and who instead believe in the peaceful dissolution of our nation to speak their minds and voice their views. What is good for the goose is surely good for the gander. You cannot grant one side of the divide freedom of expression whilst you deny it to the other.
This is all the more so because freedom of expression is the lifeblood of any democracy. It must be accorded in equal measure to those that believe in Nigeria and to those that do not. It is in this light that we must consider the plight of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu, the director of Radio Biafra and the man that has been described by the Igbo World Assembly as ”Buhari’s first political prisoner”.
We may not like his style, we may not like his radio station, we may not share his views or approve of his methods but one thing that we cannot take from Mr. Kanu is his right to hold such views and to express them in a peaceful and lawful manner no matter how distasteful those views may be to some. To deny him this most basic human right is not only an act of intellectual terrorism but it is also the most grave and barbaric manifestation of what is essentially an evolving police state where different or contrary views cannot be accommodated by those in power.
When Mr. Alex Salmon and his Scottish Nationalist Party began the agitation for the dissolution of the United Kingdom and for the establishment of Scottish independence many years ago they were not charged to court, locked up indefinitely or murdered by the British authorities but instead they were eventually given the opportunity to participate in a referendum and test their ideas. The same thing happened in the Catalan region of Spain where the agitation for the establishment of a new nation is compelling and very popular.
The same thing happened a number of years ago in the Quebec region of Canada. It also happened in a region called East Timor which opted to leave Indonesia and in Singapore which opted to leave Malaysia. The same process was adopted when Georgia, the Ukraine and all the other former Soviet states opted to leave Russia and when the Czech Republic opted to break off from Slovakia. The utility and importance of conducting a referendum on such matters in order to determine the true will of the people and to honor the findings of that referendum cannot be underestimated and it remains the only path for peace.
Sadly President Buhari who, like most in his generation, are still stuck in the mindset of a civil war general, has refused to learn from this. The biggest mistake and miscalculation of his administration so far is not the ruthless implementation of its patently and monstrously unapologetic northern and Islamic agenda but rather its absurd resolve to lock up Mr. Kanu indefinitely and to effectively throw the key away simply because he dared to call for the establishment of Biafra.
As far as I am aware Mr. Kanu has not used or advocated the use of violence whilst expressing himself and neither have any of his supporters. One therefore wonders what has panicked the Federal Government to such a point that they not only have to lock him up but that they also have to violate the law of the land by not allowing him to see his lawyer and by not presenting him before a court of law and charging him within the constitutionally-prescribed three days.
State-sponsored violence and intimidation, the violation of human rights, illegal incarceration, the murder of innocents and the vicious suppression of legitimate ideas leads to nothing but hardened hearts, greater defiance and the spread of anger and dissent. The principle is simple and clear: the more you fan the flame of tyranny and repression the more the passion and fire of liberty spreads.
It follows that the biggest favor that President Buhari’s security agencies could have done for the Biafran cause was to lock up Mr. Kanu and thereby transform him from being a little-known secessionist into the living symbol of the Biafran struggle, a respected freedom fighter, a champion of the Igbo people and an internationally-acclaimed political prisoner.
It is no wonder that leading politicians from all over the world, including the former Home Secretary and former Leader of the Labor Party in the United Kingdom, Mrs. Harriet Harman QC, have called for his release. The Russian and Israeli governments have also expressed concern and done the same.
Their call was the right and proper thing to do and I add my voice to that call. I have never met or spoken to Mr. Kanu but I am moved by his passion and courage. I am also persuaded by the logic and force of his public assertions. He has made a compelling case for the establishment of Biafra and millions of young Igbos from all over the world have bought into it.
It is left for those that do not agree with him to make a better case and to stem the Biafran tide. That is the monumental challenge that those that do not agree with Mr. Kanu’s views or his methods have. I have not always been on the same page with our Igbo brothers yet despite that one thing is clear: only the callous would deny the fact that they have suffered immeasurably in the Nigerian Federation over the last 50 years.
Only the uninformed would deny the fact that they have been butchered, murdered, persecuted, broken, humiliated, insulted, cheated and treated with contempt and disdain more than any other ethnic group in the country since July 1966.
What the Nigerian state is confronted with in the new generation of Igbos who refuse to be cowed is a time-bomb. Unlike their fathers they cannot be appeased or intimidated. They are not fearful of the prospect of a second civil war. They are not prepared to settle for crumbs and neither do they fear death, conflict, defeat, incarceration, butchery or persecution.
They are imbued with a spirit that cannot be suppressed and the more they cry ”Biafra”, the more the spirits of the millions that were slaughtered on the Biafran side during the civil war are invoked. The more they cry ”Biafra”, the more the souls of the hundreds of thousands of their people that were butchered during the barbaric pogroms in the north in the mid-60’s and thereafter are remembered. The more they cry ”Biafra”, the more they remember how their fathers were stripped of everything after the civil war and how they have been denied the opportunity to rise to the highest office in the land. The more they cry ”Biafra”, the more they acknowledge and recognise the bitter fact that the Buhari administration regard their kith and kin as nothing more than third class citizens and pitiable prisoners of war. The worst thing that the Nigerian authorities can do is to treat them with levity or contempt.
They are angry, they are fed up, they refuse to be enslaved, they want a brighter future and they have come to realise that they have nothing to lose. The most inappropriate thing that President Buhari can do is to continue to underestimate the power of their resolve or the clarity of their intent. The worst thing that they can do is to begin to jail them, to shed their blood and to take their lives.
The more you lock up the Biafrans, the more they will rise up. The more you mock them, the more they will shout. The more you kill them, the more their anger will be kindled. The more you deny them, the more they will wax stronger. The more you treat them with disdain, the more they will defy you. The more you treat them like slaves the more they will aspire to break off and take their destiny into their own hands. You cannot resist an idea whose time has come.
This is a fact that we must all accept and it is with this in mind that I urge President Buhari and the Federal Government to not only release Mr. Nnamdi Kanu but also to tread with the utmost restraint and caution when dealing with those that are agitating for Biafra.

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Saturday, 27 June 2015


Letter to the Governor of Imo State, written by a concerned resident.

Blackout At Nkworji,Orji Owerri North L.G.A.

Dear governor, this is to draw to your knowledge,the pathetic state of
electricity in Nkworji. I take a pause to felicitate with you my
amiable, grounded governor on your victory,still the renouned leader
and also to commend you on the very change which you manly
innovated/initiated and has to every height round-cupped.
  Waves of joy tickle over when recollect the enormous,undilluted and
unstenched very en-massive the people of Nkworji willed out to you
during the just concluded governorship elections.
Your sit-in a man of few words,but countless actions, measured me to
ponder over the fact that your administration enborns Light! Light!!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Charly Boy writes letter to Gen. Buhari, advises him against zoning

Controveraial Nigerian entertainer, Charles Oputa aka Charly boy (Area fada) has written an open letter to President-elect Gen. Buhari urging him to fullfill his change promise for the healing of our "broken nation". He tells him to avoid the temptation of using zoning method in chossing his cabinet members but choose those who are capable to do the job. Read letter below.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Ben Murray-Bruce advises to Gen. Buhari on governance

Chairman of the Silverbird group and senator-elect Ben Murray-Bruce has written an advise to the President-elect retired major general Muhammadu Buhari, advising him on major things to do and steps to take to ensure his tenure is successful as expected. Read below...
Now that Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has been chosen by the Nigerian people, it is my duty as a patriotic Nigerian to help him succeed even though my candidate was Pres. Jonathan, a man to whom I will always be loyal and appreciative.
General Buhari is about to mount the saddle and I for one am in a very good position to tell him some home truths because as a senator-elect, I have a very fulfilling job awaiting me and I do not need a job or favours from Buhari so I do not have to play nice.

Looking at the personalities he has appointed to his transition council, I am wont to believe that General Buhari needs to expand his circle of friends and advisers.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

How to make Nigeria's electricity work- Prof. Egwu

In an article gotten from Vanguard, Prof. Sylvester Egwu advises the incoming President of Nigeria to remove all generators from government houses as one of the ways to solve the electricity problem in Nigeria. He also suggested death penalty for those who fight against attainment of steady power supply in Nigeria. Read below...

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