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Monday, 11 September 2017

The Project 55: 5: 55 Code Of Africanist Humanism: The Future Of Africa's Survival

Prehistoric the days of pre-colonial era which erupted and traversed towards all the length of breadth of the African continent; Africa lost her very core values of survival.

For instance, we were condemned to abandoning our our very African ways and response to the art of living. Africa lost her religion to that of the white man. We lost our tribal religion to the mission churches of the colonial masters.

As a result of many years of subjection to colonial pressures; we succumbed and accepted the white man's way of life.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Meet man with 176 children, 13 wives and 10 girlfriends

Mustafa magambo with 176 children
Solomon has reincarnated! Here is a man with 176 children and in fact by the end of the year he will have up to 180 children. He is now seeking for government assistance to train his children in school. Though he still wants more kids.
Mustafa Magambo Mutone, has cried out to the government for financial support. The Ugandan, who is 65 years old is a proud father of 176 children, 90 grandchildren. He has 13 wives and 10 girlfriends. New Vision reports that Mustafa, who is expecting more children, is seeking government's help in order to train some of his 176 children.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Bald men being killed because "They Have Gold in Their Head"

Superstitious Africans are at it again! Just few months after an international outcry over hacking of albino people to death for money ritual purposes, the new trend is the killing of bald men by people who believe they will get gold inside the heads. Bald men in Mozambique are now under threat of being killed.

The BBC reports that suspects have been arrested in the central district of Milange, in Mozambique, where some killings had occurred.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Jesus told on me WhatsApp to allow murder of Captain Mahama - Pastor

A controversial Ghanaian pastor, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has said that Jesus sent him a whatsapp message  and told him not to intervene in the killing of army captain Adam Maxwell Mahama who was stoned to death and burnt by villagers in Ghana who thought he was an armed robber.
The pastor  said he saw the tragedy coming and would have flown to the place to stop the killing but Jesus sent him a message and asked him not to stop the happenings because Jesus needed him in heaven.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hero: Ghanaian Man Saves Another Man Who Almost Died of Hunger While Many Just Took Photos

Kofi Nyameba Edem. Nigerian news, Ghanian news hero
It's  a wonderful world that we live in where most people prefer to take photos of a dying person and post it on social media instead of acting  fast to save a life.
Ghanaian man Nyameba Edem Kofi Yevutsey a.k.a Entrepreneur Kofi decided not to be like most people when he took a step closer to check a man who was dieing of hunger on the street. 
The hungry man had, avoiding to Kofi, not eaten in 3 days by the time he met him lying on the ground out  of exhaustion.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Her boyfriend killed her and hid body in refrigerator

Irene Kananu
 When love turns bloody.
According to The Star, Abdulkarim Njoroge was arrested on Tuesday in Mtwapa, Mombasa, after a two-week search following the murder of Irene Kananu on March 31 in Kiambu. The victim’s body was found n*ked with her head, inside the refrigerator while her legs and hips were sticking out.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pastor in Sierra Leone found large 706-Carat diamond, gave it to the government

 The Pastor handed over the large diamond to the government of Sierra Leone. The diamond could be among the 10 largest in the world and worth could worth £30 million. The gem was found at the eastern Kono region and is now stored at the country's central bank.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Africa Got Talents: Amazing raffia artworks

 See more below...

Saturday, 4 March 2017

South African President wants to take away lands owned by whites without compensation

The South African president has called for the seizure of the lands that belong to whites in the country without compensating the owners. He said the lands were forcefully taken away from his great grand fathers and thus do not rightfully belong to the whites who now own them. He is calling for a change in the constitution that will lead to the whites losing their lands and receiving no money for them.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Unemployed Kenyan Masters degree holder using placard to seek for job

Desperate times they say demands desperate measures. A Kenyan Masters Degree holder has devised a desperate and funny means of seeking for job. He printed a placard with his job qualifications and is carrying it about to fine a job.
The man, Benjamin Mutia was pictured dressed casually with the placard raised above his head as he walked along Uhuru highway in Kenya. According to him, he is a certified accountant with a Masters in Economics.
See his picture below

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Burundi police killed hospital patients claims doctor

Reports have it that Burundi police men in search of people injured in the violence that followed the attempted coup stormed a hospital in Burundi's capital, shot and killed patients who supported the coup. when a senior army officer announced an attempted takeover of the government, a doctor said.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Shoot on sight order issued against attackers of albinos in Malawi

The Malawian police has issue an order to it's men to shoot on site anyone caught red handed harming any albino. This is in response to the increase in attacks and killings of albinos in the country. The killings which are reported to have significantly increased this year are said to be carried out by people who hunt for the body parts of albinos for sale. The body parts are sought by witchdoctors who are believed to use them to bring luck, love and wealth.

According to the UN, no fewer than 15 people with albinism, mostly children, have been killed, wounded, abducted or kidnapped in East Africa in the past six months.

There is a marked increase in the violence in Malawi, Tanzania and Burundi.
UN officials said no fewer than six attacks on albinos were reported in Malawi in the first 10 weeks of 2015 compared to four incidents over the previous two years.

It said that gangs were roaming the southern district of Machinga hunting for albinos whose body parts were prized in black magic.

Tanzania has banned witchdoctors in order to stop the trade in body parts used in spells and charms claiming to bring luck, love and wealth.

However, Burundi is trying to safeguard albinos by accommodating them with police protection.

The latest order came from Malawi’s Inspector General of Police, Lexen Kachama, who instructed police to shoot any “dangerous criminals” caught abducting albinos.

“Shoot every criminal who is violent when caught red-handed abducting people with albinism.

“We cannot just watch while our friends with albinism are being killed like animals every day.

“We do realise that these people are ruthless, have no mercy and therefore they need to be treated just like that,’’ Kachama said.

He, however, ordered police to use weapons in proportion to the crime

A similar remark was made by Tanzania Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda, in 2009 when he urged citizens to kill anyone on the spot if they were found with the limbs or organs of albinos.

Albino rights group have called for greater protection of albinos, saying that killing suspects was not going to deter attackers.

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