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GISTGATE is fast growing and being enjoyed by many because of its relevance to the populace of  the NIGERIAN AND  WORLD populace and perhaps aliens browsing from space! With thousands of monthly visitors
It is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing websites in Nigeria right now read mostly by youth. There are different ways we can be of value to you and perhaps you to us.
Let's be your partner in success.
Are you a musician, Comedian, Entrepreneur,
Business person, Company, Brand, Band, Politician, Start-up?

Whatever you do. You need promotion to be able to reach more people and deliver more value. So let's us at #GistGate be part of your success story. 

1: We will advertise your products, music, videos or events right here and you will soon be smiling because of the attention we will help attract yo you.

2: We can publish your works like poems, write-ups, projects etc for thousands to see.

3: You can through this medium reach out across to the masses to inform them about your political ambitions or your brand or philosophy.

4. You may want us to interview you.
So feel very free to get to us. If there is any way (stated above or not) that we can be of help to you or you to us, please do not hesitate.

5. All these are at very affordable prices. You will be surprised...

Affiliated Services include: 
Digital Marketing (Online advertising on Blogs, Social Media, Google and Bing Search engines), 
Graphics Designs (Branding, Business Cards, Banners, Social media campaign banners that convert);
Website design and maintenance (Mobile first responsive Websites that won't cost you fortune) and fast design
Contact today on WhatsApp or Voice call: (+234)07035719745

  • Web design
  • Blog design (blogger and worpress)
  • Graphics design
  • Logo design
  • Digital/social media Marketing
  • Offline marketing
  • Event planning and management

Phone: (+234)07035719745 (Call or Whatsapp)


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: @GistGate, 
Thanks.We are at your service.
Anaturuchi Iroapali (GreenBrain)


  1. this is a good and timely piece of good initiative...keep it up big-brain....(from the stables of azam;s educational ventures..).-

  2. What of students that didn't register online,will their names come out?

  3. Please the Imsu supplementary cut off Mark for faculty of Health and Science (Medical Laboratory Science) in your blog is 190 but on Imsu website is 200. Which of it is correct?.... I'd need more lite on it plsease.

  4. When will imsu release their 2016 NYSC batch b mobilization list?

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