The Secret To Having A Wonderful Monday 2020

Picture credit: Goalcast
In a world where most people cry and whine about Mondays, you don't have to be part of the park.
The secret to having an amazing Monday is in changing or shifting the way your mind looks at the day.
A lot of people die or develop chronic sicknesses a year after retirement. This shows that although we enjoy resting, work is an essential part of our lives. In fact, making money is just one half of the importance of having a job or having a business. The other part has to do with an essential part of being human - finding fulfilment and being relevant.

Work, especially work that you care about will keep your mind and soul engaged in doing something that is meaningful and has value to humanity (not necessarily charity work).
So if you are currently amongst those who cry about Mondays, this could be because you don't like your current work enough or you do not believe in what your work stands for.

And the above does not necessarily mean that the work you do has nothing to be passionate about it for, it could just be that you have not asked yourself WHY you are in there.
By the time you have asked yourself WHY you are there and followed it up with like 3 or 5 more WHYs, you could see a clearer picture that will help you get more passion for the work and see Monday as another opportunity to go back to work with a burning passion to do something that really matters or that is leading you to the next phase of your life.

See you on Monday.

Anatu Green


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