How to Download Peoples' Whatsapp Statuses Without Them Sending To You: Pictures and Videos

We all know that WhatsApp status of friends can be very entertaining and interesting.
Some rib-cracking videos and amazing photos that will disappear within 24 hours.
Many people will go about asking friends to send them those pictures or videos and not all friends will want to do this or have or time data to.

So say goodbye to asking since you can easily download all the Whatsapp statuses you want.
Ok, Straight to the point:
If you are using an android phone just go to Android Play store and search for WhatsApp Status Saver. Different apps will pop up.
Below is the one I use among my app drawer.

Install the app and you are good to go.
What you have to do is after seeing a WhatsApp status that you want to save go to the app and you will see the WhatsApp status pictures and images sorted.
Click on the item you are interested in and you can click the + icon to
Save, Repost or Share.
Note that it's best to go straight to the WhatsApp Status Saver immediately after seeing a status and save it because there is a limit to how long and the number of media the status saver will accumulate.
Thank me later.
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