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Friday, 12 January 2018

Upcoming Artiste Saga: Imo Entertainers React About AY Live not Paying DJ Paky after AY Live Owerri

Body count is going way up as Imo state Entertainers have come all out to react to the outburst by DJ Paky who is an Owerri based DJ and DJ who handled music at AY Live Owerri on 29th December, 2017, that AY Live organizers and owners including AY, Lanre Markun and Yellowmouth Concept used him and refused to pay him a dime.
(Details here if you missed)

Following the post that was broken on the internet by and Anaturuchi GreenBrain of GistGate on Facebook, Imo Entertainers, young and old, made and upcoming have come out to react. Some blame DJ Paky for not having a written agreement before the show and not collecting even advance. They blame him for selling himself cheap while others blame Yellowmouth who brought in and convinced DJ Paky to perform at the event without telling him ahead that it was just about "Giving DJ Paky a big platform".

From all the drama, has gathered that there was no written agreement on how much will be paid to DJ Paky before the event. So far Lanre Markun and AY have not reacted to the drama; here are the reactions so from Imo Entertainers who were collectively referred to as "upcoming artistes" by AY Live Owerri organizers:

Yellowmouth to DJ Paky:
"Ingrate, that's what you are DJ Paky"

Mc IceCandy (Obi Fitzgerald on Facebook):
"Well if DJ packy had a negotiation and with the show promoters and they didn't pay him guess he has a right to be pissed... A lot of us performed because we wanted the platform so we didn't negotiate any payment and therefore didn't expect to be paid"

Mc Aweelo:

"😂😂😂😂😂 chai imo based artists !!! . my people suffer due to lack of knowledge and self esteem"

"@DJ Paky I really feel your pain, but professionally speaking you must negotiate your Raba before any event unless you are out to show a colleague love. They might call it pride(their Opinion) but creativity is not cheap. However if they are not paying you, they Obviously playing you shikina."

Freddy​ Keshberg:
"Chineke 🤔
But una talk about payment?? Dts d main thing cos those ppl dt organise big events always take advantage of upcoming artists and get everything about d event done almost or free of charge...
It's normal but in ur case,UNA TALK ABOUT MONEY???"

Ndubuisi Seflex:

"This is a spite in the face of O-town entertainment industry.

You guys should unite and do something about it or continue to wallow as popularly poor. Some of you are no longer kids. Y'all got responsibilities and expectations from your fans and people around you. I don't expect to see most of you trekking in few years to come.

Attach value to yourselves before the world can see the value... 👌"

Kanu Peter:
"The best thing they should come together and organize a show to prove to him that they are not"

Blizzy Bless:
"How can they insult imo base artists and call them all up coming? 😒 that’s a big blow on imo state government and people of imo state as a whole! If we don’t value ourselves no one will value us, 😠 this is bad"

James UC Rex: 

"Somehow, I think i know how this works, it's not something we have to come out on social media and point fingers at random. If you are called for a show, there must be a written agreement, at least showing professionalism. There also has to be part payment. But in the absence of that, no such thing as a "promised payment" #OralAgreement in business. Away from that though, I hate the word #UpcomingArtist."

Grace Jucan (Winner: Most Beautiful Face In IMSU 2017 by GistGate media)
"I am sure AY has nothing to do with dis. Go ask yellowmouth for your money"

Ken Verger:
"I remember sometime last year when Terry G' insulted a DJ in a show. The DJ who happens to be a boy to DJ Jimmy Jat. This caused a very big problem for him because Jimmy Jat who also is the chairman of Nigerian Djs declared that NO DJ IN NIGERIA SHOULD PLAY ANY OF TERRY G's songs.

The tension led to open apology both in radio, social media and TV stations by Terry G.

This is what you see in an Organized body. Now on this note, i want to call on the Chairman of Imo State Entertainment Asso. Mr Royal Prince to stand up for Imo entertainers. This is raw exploitation. Because for sure, AY will still come again in 2018, and also use many and go.
#UniteImo ."

DJ Timbaland:
"How much did DJ Paky negotiate with Yellow mouth?"

Producer Chriszee:
"But assuming you Dj parky Nnaemeka Mgbekwuzie insisted on part payment before any job they would take you serious ,, now your loyalty was taking for granted such is life anyway"

It'sPromise Omaricha:
"The truth be told yeah....... Any artist that isn't selling in Nigeria industry is an upcoming.... No matter how good you are....... And they will do anything possible to be known and recognized.... Like performing in big shows like that of AY's for free just to be known  and all that...... Cause we have like million of you out there who would die to perform in the same show..... Just to get that title "have performed in Ay's show" fuck it........ Non should expect payment till due........ The least expected from upcoming''s is to build your base first.... Get the name first by doing free shows...... That is called self publicity....... After that promoters and organizers will coming begging with their money.... Now believe me they are doing you a very bigggggggggg favour....... Abi you no want make them invite you again....... See you draining with your talent if money comes first for you..... Smiles..."

Reflex Sound:
"2018 una still dey fight... Ayam tayad."

Jay N Obilor:
"You guys ain't handling this matter maturely.... I don't expect u guys who claim to be in d entertainment sector for so long to stay here and open your ass so easily... If u claim u r matured in d game den create a meeting point for the 2 parties and pour out ur minds dre instead of staying here. Social media cnt help dx matter at dx point coz we dont even know who to blame"

Iheme John Gerald:

"I think if Nnaemeka Mgbekwuzie was at least appreciated with good words, he won't feel this bad even without being paid for the work he did...But believe me,d manners to which this "we don't pay upcoming artist" was said to him is very embarrassing and sounds odd..If u are in his shoes,u will feel bad too for doing a job and being neglected afterwards...I know DJ paky to be very loyal and dedicated in this Biz but to be frank, this can be resolved if matured minds can come together....Yellow mouth, this is our base, this is ur brother..You all started all this together,believe me, you can drink over this ish with DJ PAKY and get done...let's protect d Image of our own...them dey Lagos, we dey here...we will soon get there and overtake....D sky is wide enough for all to shine...2moro carry belle.....I dont even know d full story but this is what i can say.... Anaturuchi GreenBrain come here and say something.."

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