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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Breaking: Xbusta is OUT of Five Star Music Record Label

Xbusta (Mr. Golden Okafor) who was the last music artiste signed into Nigeria's music label has quit the label.
In a series of posts made on social media today (January 30th, 2017) the rapper made it known that his time at the label which is one of the foremost labels in Nigeria made it public that it's goodbye time. He stated that he was now proceeding to the "Next Level" and that Five Star Music label was like a school to him.

In an exclusive chat with, Xbusta also confirmed that he has part ways with the label.
This was what he wrote on Facebook:

It was an awesome experience and an amazing journey for me as a member of fivestar music , i learned alot and i will always be grateful. The reception was warm, the love was pure,i was taught to know the business, to have a good heart, to help others, to be prayerful ,to be consistent and most importantly i was taught to be a man, five star was and is still a home for me but as a student graduates and moves into the labor market so i move ahead with the blessings from my teachers to go into the world, succeed and reproduce , i thank you for this wonderful opportunity,i am so excited and i promise to make the best out of it..God bless you @iam_kcee @iam_emoney1 @fivestarmusicng 


-End of quote

Xbusta's exit from 5 Star is coming within the same year that former label mate HarrySong left to form his Alterplate label and Skibii also left to form his own label leaving the 5 Star label whose Chairman is E-money with only Kcee and Xbusta. Xbusta who was the last to be signed to the record label has now exited, leaving only Kcee in the label.
Whether there is crisis inside Five Star that is causing the Exodus is what we don't know yet as the artistes who have left so far keep saying all was well.
This was the day Five Star Music signed Xbusta.
From left: Skibii, Kcee, Xbusta, E-money

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