The Problem With CarlCare: 3 reasons why fixing your phone at CARLCARE may be a bad move

I used to be a huge fan of CarlCare in Nigeria, you know the service company that repairs Tecno, Infinix, Itel phones officially with offices across Nigeria and elsewhere. My experience with them started when I learnt I could change any part of my Phone that is still under the warranty grace period at CarlCare at no cost.  Since then I have been an advocate of CarlCare, telling my friends and others to always use their services to get reliable fixes.
However, my latest discovery of their services was shocking, to say the least.
I went to CarlCare center, located at Obafemi Awolowo way at Computer Village Ikeja to fix two Tecno phones; one is a Teno Boom J8 that had broken top screen ( that means it was only the upper screen(touch) that was broken and the inside screen was not broken.
I also went with a Tecno Camon C7 that had a bad screen (both inside and outside screens where bad due to fall and water).

After waiting in the overcrowded CarlCare Office for over an hour and my turn to be attended to reached, I presented the two phones to the front desk attendants and they told me that the Camon C7 was as bad as damaged phone and I will have to change screen and motherboard of the phone which will be as costly as buying a new phone.

Please shift let me faint!

As for the Boom J8, the ladies at table 7 told me that I had to change the entire screen (even as the inside screen wasn't affected!). That was to cost me a screaming 13,000 Naira! They also insisted they needed to change the body of the phone with another 6,000 Naira or thereabouts and that they will not change the screen without changing the body of the phone.

I left and went into computer village streets and went to a young man who has no brick and mother office, but was just doing phone repairs under an umbrella with a very noisy generator beside him. He,  within an hour, changed the screen of the Camon C7. The same Phone that CarlCare said was damaged and I would have had to change the board and all screen. I am currently using that phone with no issues.

Same place I fixed the Tecno Camon C7, I fixed the Tecno Boom J8 with just less than 6,000 Naira instead of the 13,000 Naira that Carlcare told me. Here they simply bought the upper screen and used a machine to separate the inner screen from the upper one and that was it.


1. They have improper diagnosis of phone problems and their front desk attendants (usually ladies) have little or no technical knowledge of phones and simply jump to conclusion on what to do immediately they hear what happened to your phone. The proper thing should be to register your complaint and then take the phones to the technicians inside to properly diagnose and then return with the result and not just leave such major decisions to front desk people who most times are not qualified to do such.

2. They almost always format every phone given to them for repairs no matter the fault. I remember I fixed a phone at Carlcare some years back. It was an Infinix Hot phone that just needed a change of battery and instead of just change the battery and restart the phone, CarlCare changed the battery and formated (Factory reset) the phone and I lost all the files I hitherto saved in the device. I think they still have such problem till now.

3. Charging you over! From my own exxperience at Carlcare as writen above you can see that you may end up spending 2 or three times more than your phone actually needs for fixing because the wrong issue is being fixed by CarlCare or maybe in the case of broken upper screen issues that many people usually have, they actually know that only the top screen can be fixed separately from the inside screen of phones like Tecno, Infinix etc, but they intentionally conive and charge customers for both inside and utside screens and change only the outer one for the unsuspecting customer and pocket the remaining excess cash. This is my theory and if this is true then CarlCare Nigeria has big corruption issues.

Another issue is that sometimes they mishandle people's phones and other times they take unnecessary long time to fix phones.. These are less common issues so I did not number them separately.

What has been your experience with CarlCare. Drop the good bad and ugly and help other people make the right choices..

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