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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Rochas' Son Aham Okorocha Not Dead - Government

Aham Okorcha pictured with former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo
Imo State Government yesterday released a statement debunking the rumor making the rounds that Aham Okorocha, the son of the Imo State Governor, Anayo Rochas Okorocha has died after elders of the state gathered to lay curses on the governor following his demolition of the EkeUkwu ancestral Market in Owerri.
Press statement released yesterday from the government house described the rumor as a handiwork of mischief makers:

PRESS RELEASE                                                                   

- THOSE BEHIND DEATH RUMOUR ON SOCIAL MEDIA ARE FROM THE PIT OF HELL                                                                                                                                                                                                            

The attention of the government and good people of Imo State has been drawn to the false publication on the Social Media, talking about the death in London of Engineer Ahamefula Okorocha, first son of the State Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha.

The fact and indeed, the real story is that, Contrary to the rumour from the Kingdom of darkness, the Young man is hale and hearty and the wish of the wicked ones would never, never prevail over him.

Those who authored the fake death story only showed the level of their frustration and we won't ask God to help them out or forgive them. They must reap whatever they have sown. The bible says, "tell the wicked it shall not be well with them". And we do so to those behind this disturbing rumour.

You can begin to ask why human beings created in the image of God would ever wish a promising Young man like Aham death, no matter what could be their reason.

It should also be recalled that sometime last year, when the governor travelled, these evil-minded elements also rumoured his death and that was also when the issue of Ekeukwu Market came up. And this time too, two weeks after the relocation of Ekeukwu Market, they have come up with the same death story and this time, the governor's first son.

What these disciples of anti-Christ do not know is that God owns and holds life. And that is why the Igbos would name their Children"Chinwendu" (God owns life) and "Chijindu" (God holds life).

The general public should please disregard the death rumour. It is not true.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Chief Press Secretary to the 

Meanwhile, this is the story about the death of Aham Okorocha:


Ahamefula Brendan Rochas the son of Imo State  Governor Rochas Okorocha has been confirmed dead by his personal doctor in London. He died at The Royal London Hospital which is a very large teaching hospitalin London located at White chapel Road London, E1 United Kingdom.

Ahamefula Brendan Rochas who graduated with first class in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester on 16th of July 2015 was confirmed dead shortly after collapsing at his resident and was rushed to the nearby hospital where he was confirmed dead.

His doctor told his relations who gathered at the hospital that they will still do several other test to confirm what led to his dead as all test they have done yield no fruit because the result proved his systems are all intact and there's no trace as what may have caused his death.

Recall that The elders of "OHA" of Owere "Nchi Ise" in Imo state few days ago visited the grave side of the founding fathers of Owere Ekwem Arugo of the 14thcentury inwhich they called on the ancestors of the land to rise against any "inhumanity" against the people of Owerri by the government.

A source close to governor Rochas Okorocha said that since the news the death of Ahamefula came to the attention of the governor, he have'nt been himself as he shouts angrily at anybody that come close to him.

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