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Will phone explode if you use it while charging? What are the causes of phone explosion? Answer

Phone explosion  while charging
Photo in circulation on social media showing a person who purportedly got burnt to death from a phone that exploded while being charged and used.  Original source unknown
Almost every year, the photo of someone who got charred or whose hand got burnt or destroyed by a "phone explosion" hits the net and causes panic. Stories (that are usually not sourced from any real media) usually follow the photos and warn against using of mobile phones while charging.
Such info usually  spread like wild fire as family and friends share immediately they receive  in the spirit of care. While caring is ok, it is also important to do at least a little research into popular infos in circulation before you share.

So I began making research and it didn't take me up to 10 mins to spot the "Don't Use Phone While Charging" MYTH.
Of course if they say don't use phone while charging it means;  no calls,  no games, no watching videos, no browsing, no reading ebooks. Nothing.
This means anytime you plug your phone, it must
be left alone (I can't even imagine).
The   truth is that phones do explode at times, rare occasions. But this is hardly ever because of charging a phone while using it. The remote causes of phone explosion have not been linked to charging but charging with the the wrong charger.

In fact, the message of not using phone while charging is a modern myth. According to Mashable's article on 5 myths about phone batteries, it is established that there  is nothing wrong with using your phone while it charges. Also,  every new phone comes with a manual. I've never read such warning in any phone's manual, have you? Saying don't use phone while charging is like saying don't use your laptop while charging.

The possible causes for phone explosion are these:

1. Inferior phones. Buying inferior and cheap  phones that flood the third world markets is a sure way to expose yourself to danger. Such devices are made with substandard materials and connections could go wrong and acids may leak or sparks occur.
However it is also disheartening  that even the big brands can make bad phones sometimes. Samsung had the disastrous release of Samsung Galaxy note 7 last year that exploded in people's pockets even while not charging. Problem was that they built it with a battery that was in conflict with other parts of the phone.
The lesson we learnt from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion is: when new phones hit the market,  allow 2 weeks or a month to pass and watch reviews before rushing to buy.

2. Inferior battery and/Charger:
This is the major cause.  If you lose the original charger of your phone,  try and get another original. Same with battery.  If you buy inferior,  your would expose yourself to avoidable danger. In fact the first fatal phone explosion on record was due to fake charger. You can also get a good charger that is not from your phone manufacturer. But always be wary of cheap and off beat stuff.

3. Bad power source: Although this is hypothetical; since other home appliances can develop fault or even burst into flames when the power source is bad and shaky; the phone should do same too.

4. Wet phone charging: If your phone is wet; as in it fell into water or you got drenched by the rain; don't charge your phone till you have dried  it completely.  Water and electricity can react and start off a spart or 'explosion'.

So why is the story of phone explosion while charging so popular.

There are scary reasons behind this myth,  Mashable wrote, People believe that using a phone while charging will make the phone explode, or electrocute the user. That actually happened to a Chinese flight attendant named Ma Ailun in July 2013, when she used her iPhone 4 while it was charging.

However, reports say it's because Ailun was using a third-party charger, not an original Apple charger.

If you're using the manufacturer-approved charger and battery, you should be fine.

So that's it. Any time you get a popular info on social media or blogs, kindly research before spreading.
Will you share this? I don't know.
You are welcome.

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