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Friday, 9 June 2017

Trends: #DNA Facebook Trend and What You Should Know About Why DNA is Trending

If you are on Facebook (yes you are) you would have come across the #DNA trend that has been rocking not only Facebook but all social media.

The DNA Facebook trend has been on for over 48 hours today and it was said to have started when Facebook pulled down a group on Facebook that was making a lot of noise about parents (dads especially ) checking the paternity of their children to make verify if their kids are really theirs or  were  conceived by  their wives from "The Other Man".
The group and it's members are said to have raised lots of dusts that could break homes into pieces and thus many people complained and called for the closure of  the  group. The criers succeeded but the #DNA and #DNAtest discussion survived and has dominated many posts recently.

So #DNA just has to do with a school of thought (a very controversial one for that matter) that men should carry out DNA Paternity  tests on their children to know of the children really belong to them.

So this has sparked a lot of arguments. Some women say it is wrong for a man to ask for a paternity test and some are already defending themselves with the argument that they can cheat on their husband if their husbands cheat on them or is not capable of  satisfying them in bed or is always away on business.

In Nigeria, DNA paternity test costs about N100, 000

The big question  is, why would a woman cheat on her husband and throw caution to the wind by not using contraceptives, knowing she might not only contact dangerous STDs but also get pregnant.

If there's one thing the DNA trend tells us,  it is that many men are living in the same house with other men's children/child thinking they belong to them.
Also even some adults out their are not the true children of who the  men they call dad.
As the Igbos will say "Only the mother knows the true father of her child".

What is DNA?: DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid. It is part of the cell of any living thing that contains the genetic information which is the trasferred from parents to offspring that makes offspring have characteristics of the parents. It contains information of inheritance. Through the scientific comparison of the DNA from a father and a child, it can be found whether the child is a true child of the father.
It's complicated. You can Google the rest for deeper  explanation of  how  it is achieved.

What's your thought about DNA controversy?
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