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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Success Tonic For The Evening

Success tips

About Success, I'll say:
Success does not start by others believing in your dreams. It takes you believing so much in your dreams that your faith and enthusiasm attracts others to do same.

About Ideas, I'll say:
The beauty of your idea is never as important as the positive energy you put into it. Facebook wasn't a great idea at first.

About Heroism, I'll say:
Don't aim at being a hero, just help others bring out the heroes in them.

About social media, I'll say:
Don't let Likes and Shares run your life; rather, run your life successfully; Likes and shares will run after you.

 About money I'll  say:
Instead of aiming for chunks, remember "Little drops of water make a mighty ocean".

See you at work.

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Instagram: @iamgreenbrain

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