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Welcome to the online Registration of Selfie Wars by GistGate Media.
SelfieWars by GistGate is the first National Selfie Contest in Nigeria!.
Registration and Voting are completely online.
First Prize: N200,000
Second Prize: N100,000
+ Consolation Prizes
SelfieWars is open to both male and female

Before filling the form, make sure you have paid the registration fee of  N2500

How to Register for SelfieWars by GistGate:

  • Pay N2,500 (Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira only) to Diamond Bank Account Number 0016986917. Account Name: Anaturuchi Iroapali.
  • Get your teller number or mobile transfer reference ID.
  • Click the REGISTER link to register.

For any question or for sponsorship contact us on 07035719745. Please use +2347035719745 if you are outside Nigeria.
Email: (Note that there is "." after the contact)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When will the contest kick off:
Ans: We will inform you through your number and email.

Q: How will the contest be?
Ans: The contest is totally on-line. There will be voting on our FacebookPage, this website ( and on our Instagram Page.

Q:Will there be a Grand Finale event like in pageants?
Ans: No. So you don't have to worry about costumes, cat walking, judges, expensive make up etc.

Q: How do I know the contest is not a fraud?
Ans: GistGate has been operating since 2013. We have successfully and without fraud organized such other shows. We have a reputation to protect.
GistGate founder Anaturuchi GreenBrain can be found on Facebook. Check to see if he is a real person.

Q: Is the form fee refundable if I decide to quit?
Ans: No. And you won't want to quit. It will be too much fun. In two events wehave done, those who finally won at a time wanted to quit.

Q: I have participated/heard of such and they say it will be rigged. Will this be?
Ans: We understand your fears. There are lots of fake stuff out there and many insincere people and we can not convince you with words alone. Participants of all our events attest that we are different.
However, the whole voting process will be open for all to see and there will be no way of manipulation.

Q: How will I get my prize?
Ans: It will be sent to you though transfer.

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