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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Root To Financial Growth Written by Bright Chijioke

To do big things in life, you need to have big money. I believe in starting small, but you still need money to start at all... 

No man/woman wants to be BROKE, but we just have to face the ugly fact that we don't always have, as much as we always want. 

In this article, I want to share briefly, how to create and sustain wealth. 

1. Prayer: prayer in this contest is simply the very first point to acknowledge, prayer will help you get the attention of God, and provide the needed power and strength to to get wealth, Only God can give you a sustainable wealth and what ever God can not give you, even if you get it, you will lose it. Remember the blessings of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow. 

2. Productivity: To Create and sustain wealth, you must own your own product. Take a look at the world billionaires, they own one product or the other, take a look at Mark Zuckerberg, he owns Facebook, take a look at Dangote, he owns so much products in Nigeria and everyday we keep patronizing him.

What am saying In essence is that you must be your own boss, never dream of getting a job when you graduate, rather think of owning a company of your own, maybe soup making, laundry business, beads making, poultry farming, fashion designing, paint production, just too mention but a few. Start thinking of what you can produce and own, stop thinking of companies you will submit your CV to when you graduate, better still think about services you can render to this companies. 

3. Create a Team: If you want to Go fast in life, go as an individual. But if you want to go far in life, Go as a team... You can never get to your destination Alone. Even Jesus needed a team to accomplish his task on earth. Look for competent friends who are not mediocres, and partner with them. You could also form alignment with existing individuals or industries who have caved a niche for themselves. 

4. Advertisements/marketing: My Dad, once told me, he said Chijioke, if you don't tell the world, here I am, no one will know there you are. You must have a marketable product, and you must have market penetration strategy. 

First, define what your into. And Secondly, define your target audience. 

If you can't explain it to a 6 years old, then you are not ready to hit the market. Do a proper SWOT ANALYSIS and know your target audience. Don't and never try to reach everyone, even Jesus was only sent to Israel after which he sent his deciples to the world. 

A SWOT ANALYSIS is simply a strategy used in recognizing the S> STRENGTH W> WEAKNESS O> OPPORTUNITIES and T> THREATS of your products. 

5. Funding: This is the major obstacle, that has short circuited great ideas and business plans. But in a nut shell, I shall be sharing ways in which you can raise funds without stealing or robbing a bank. 


in as much as our pockets are not all the same, I still believe there is a certain amount we can save monthly. God said you should give 10% then the remaining 90% belongs to you. 

NOTE: never rob God in tithe and offering, if you do, you may never be able to create and sustain wealth. 

From you 90% you can save 30% and spend the remaing 60%.

Lets take for example, you have 10k, you pay 1k for tithe, and save 3k. The remaining 6k is yours for spending. 

This method may not be very encouraging, but let me tell you something... Wealth creation deals more with having a mental picture of money. 

This method will help you to atleast have something you can look up to even though it may look insignificant. It will help you have something, such that if someone wants to help you and they ask what do you have, you won't say Nothing. That's a very discouraging answer. Even God can not bless you if you have Nothing. 

*** Family and Friends ***

Family and friends are well wishers who are  interested in your success, you can share your ideas with close friends and family members, and be very serious and articulate about it. 

Let's take for example, you need 100k to start a business... Can you think of 100 people who can give you 1k each to accumulate your 100k?

And If No, can you think of 50 people who can give you 2k? 

The beauty of this method is that you can mentally ascertain the financial capacity of the person you are counting among the  100 or 50 persons. 

NOTE: approach each of the 100 or 50 persons as though their money is the last you need to complete your 100k. And be very sincere with your actions. 

Never play sneaky on people, and be very trustworthy. Be very honest as to why you need the money and learn to give feedbacks as to how far you are going with your business. 

*** Banks and Collateral ***

It's quite unfortunate that in this part or the world, we cannot not have access to  funds in banks without a collateral. 

Meanwhile, for those who are fortunate to have Landed property or properties. You can actually use this method, but please judiciously seek rigorous advice before embarking on this methods.

You can also visit Micro Finance Banks for assistance. 

*** Sales of Valuables ***

You can raise funds by selling your phones, laptops, television and electronics. 

There are students who have two android phones, you can sell one and keep one, if you truly believe in your vision and business, you will do what ever POSITIVE step to fund it. 

If you believe so much in your vision, you should be able to sell so much to achieve it. 

*** Never Beg for Money ***

A begger, they say has no choice. 

Refuse to beg, but rather you can ask.

Someone will say what's  the difference. The difference is that a begger has no choice, meanwhile when you ask you have a choice. 

You can ask for 200k, and the giver will tell you he has 100k, you can go ahead and say oh, can you make it 150k? This is because when you ask, you have a choice. 

But when you beg, they can give you 1k and say go, and you dare not complain. 

Refuse to present your Business as an object of Aid, rather present it as an object for Trade. 

6. Multiply your self and Product: Think big, but start small. Never limit your self and your abilities. That you Failed, does not make you a failure. You only discovered how something won't work. 

Start thinking of how to expand your business, and who says you can't go global. Your mind is the battle field, if you can conquer in your mind, then the sky is your starting point. 

Readers they say are Leaders, become a voracious reader, read and study beyond the scope of your study. Become a Global Brand and never settle for less. 

Do you see a man, who is diligent in his business, he shall stand before Kings and not Ordinary men. 

My name is Bright Chijioke, a 400level student pursuing a degree in Estate Management, Imo State University, Owerri. Email: Tel: 08136089256 

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