Lady Claims She Was Offered 500,000 for one night stand but she tore the cheque

Female media entrepreneur and owner of  vickyloniaTv has narrated  how an elderly man offered her 500,000 Naira check but wanted her to have sex with him before he would sign it. Her narration below:

He told me not to worry, he would handle the entire budget for my event. I believed cos he does that for other people. And besides, he is far richer than the entire budget a hundred times over.
Few days to my event, he finally asked me to come to his office, I did. All smiles expectant, grateful and thankful. I had almost lost hope and faith in his promise.
He gave me a cheque, N500, 000!!! I didn't expect that huge amount. I went on my knees immediately, tears in my eyes, thanking him.
I then noticed he didn't sign it, "oh he must have forgotten", I thought. I told him, and he smiled. He said, "well, for that my dear you know what to do now. My hotel is Madonna Suites, Room number 3. Let's meet there tonight.
For some seconds, my world shattered, reality dawned on me. I had forgotten I was still on my knees. The tears of joy suddenly turned to pain and betrayal. The two sides of me came up. One said do it, the other said no. Then I remembered, I am Vicky Lonia, the B.I.T.C.H (Babe In Total Control Of Herself). I won't do anything less than my level. I am fucking too proud and dignified. And it's been destined for me to be successful, so why trash my personality and open up my sweet pussy to some old wrinkled shrinking dick?
I wiped off my tears, stood up, smiled. Went round the table to where he was sitting, rubbed his cheeks like you do to a dog. Kissed his forehead the way you do to a child. Rubbed his his nose like you do to a teddy bear. Stood up, swinging my small hips, and worked out of his office, just after I tore the cheque into shreds.
I had given him my answer.
So FACE OF VICKYLONIATV 2017 (Makurdi Edition) could not hold cos of lack of funds, but my pride is still holding and intact. And trust me, it would pay off soon.
Watch out for FACE OF VICKYLONIATV (Owerri Edition)
Watch out for Vicky Lonia.
Watch out for the B.I.T.C.H

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