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Saturday, 3 June 2017

13 Types Of People You Should Not Do Business or Partner With

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Whether you are starting out in business or have already been in it for years, the type of people you partner with or engage in your business may spell success or doom for your entire business or particular project you want to undertake.
Here are 13 types of people you should not do business with.

Those  who  are  never punctual.
If there is one character that any successful or to-be successful  person must possess, it should be the quality of being punctual. Those who cannot place value on other people's time can hardly place value on anything. Except in case of very serious emergency, anyone who is habitually not punctual should not be partnered with or employed by  you.

Those who habitually  talk bad about others:
Most people who talk bad about  others as a habit do so out of emotions of jealousy and low self esteem. They find only the bad things in others and never see the good. Such people carry a lot of negative energy with them that can pull down your business. There is room for criticism but it should be done objectively. Talk about the strengths first, then the weaknesses.
Those who talk bad about others can easily talk down your business and ideas and will talk bad about you to others at the slightest provocation, so don't do business with  them unless it's just buying and selling.

Those who leak other people's  secrets.
There is a popular school of thought that those who easily tell you other people's secrets will easily tell others your secret.
Some people are just pro gold diggers and are in the trade of trading secrets for favours and cash.
Be wary of this type and keep your secrets away from them. You can mine what they have to say but give them none of your dear secrets.

Those who always  ask to be trusted.
Be careful about  those who always ask you to "Trust Me". They are usually those who  deserve less trust. Being trustworthy ia earned just like respect.
It is not something  you get by asking. So if you are going to do business, watch out for those who always ask to be trusted. Personally I have seen lots of them disappoint.

Those who are only after the money.
Money ia the fuel that keeps business burning, but money is not the all in all of business. In fact any business that is only open for making money is not a real business. There should be a passion to solve problems and enhance the lives of people.
If the business idea of someone you wish to partner with or employ is all about money, that's a red signal that says if ever there comes a day of financial lows this person will not be able to keep his/her cool but will look for the next money place without a second thought.

Those who give excuses.
Excuses have killed more dreams than Adolf Hitler and his Nazis.
If your prospective associate or employee is an excuse-manufacturing company then you have to drop them. Life is not a bed of roses, an undetermined person will find 1000 excuses to give for anything while the determined will look for 1000 and 1 ways to solve any issue.

Those who procrastinate unnecessarily.
Another big time enemy of success in business is "Tomorrow" and "Later".
Tomorrow never dies. If the person is the tomorrow person; run.

Those who are always self seeking.
Some people worship a god called "Me".
All their actions and contributions always have the "Me" element prioritised.
Such persons will easily run a business down and are usually  not good at team work.

Those who lack sound philosophy of business.
Like it or yes we all are philosophers in one shade or another.
Having a sound business philosophy is very important for success.
For example Facebook has a philosophy of empowering more and more people to easily communicate and share. That philosophy is behind one of the biggest cooperations in the world.
Their philosophy is not to make the highest profit they can.
The generic proper business philosophy is should be to create value for as many people as you can in the best ways that you can and keep improving   and other things will come after you.

Those who have no line that can't be crossed.
Every person should have some lines that should not be crossed. Someone's line may be not taking or giving bribes. You may know about some companies that have crashed out of business into public disgrace for crossing that line.

Those who do not keep their promises.
It's  important  that you get into business with people who know the value of promises and who are loyal enough  to  keep to their promises. Such people find it easier to set goals and work towards them. This is a very essential aspect of business life.

Those who don't care what people  say about  their business.
You already know about  the cliché "I don't care what people say". While that may seem like a great quality for personal life and being focused in life, in the 21st century business  what people say about your business matters a lot and that is why you must start building a solid reputation as soon as you start business. One dissatisfied customer may write a bad review that will discourage 100 prospects from contacting you for business.
How many times have you asked a friend what he thinks about a product before you bought it. Chances are that if you heard the negative response you would have turned back.
That's the power of what people say.
Companies spend huge sums annually to survey what people say about them and what they offer.

Those who are afraid of  competition.
You should not get into deep business relationship with people who  are  afraid of competition. Competition should stir up more creativity in you and inspire you go the extra mile and enhance what you have to offer.

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed the writeup and learnt something new.
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