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Monday, 15 May 2017

How to stay safe from the May 12 international cyber attack rocking the world #may12

It is no longer news that hackers on May 12th attacked the internet with some malware (called RansomWare) and shut down lots of computers, hospitals, and government agencies (read here). They are demanding for payments ranging from hundreds of dollars to millions to release the "kidnapped" sites and systems.

The malware originated from the National Security Agency of the United states of America and have been circulated by email.
Here are few recommended ways to stay safe from the attack which has reached up to 100 countries including the US, Russia and other world powers.

  1. Don't open an email that you don't know the source. Even if source is known be extra careful The malware have been circulated through email only and opening an unknown email is most dangerous now. A second option will be to communicate with clients via chat apps or fax.
  2. Check to see if the company you are dealing with was attacked. If such is the case chances are that you will be sent emails from such places and those may contain the malware.
  3. Open emails on mobile. Mobile devices are not known to have been infected by the malware. Perhaps opening emails on mobile will be safer than doing so on desktop.
  4. Use email anti-virus scanners. This is purely hypothetical. Since the malware was created by the NSA, it is very sophisticated nd may bypass existing anti-virus softwares. However it is still advisable as companies like Kaspersky and other are expected to be working round the clock to save their clients from this heinous attack.
Have an idea? drop it on the comment section. Good luck.

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