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Sunday, 14 May 2017

How to fumigate your house against mosquitoes using NEEM Seed extract

Neem fruits
The menace of mosquitoes in most parts of  Nigeria and many parts of west and central Africa is nothing short of sickening and disgusting.
The menace is more pronounced anytime a loved one gets sick or dies from the bites of such small creatures.

The cost of buying canned insecticides and their health hazards is also discouraging. Even mosquito coils are now costly and most times are ineffective against mosquitoes.
Mosquito nets. Very uncomfortable and for folks like me who like sitting at my desk at night to use my laptop, net is not an option.
This article obviously is not for the few rich folks who can afford 24/7 electricity with anti-mosquito air conditioners.

Luckily for us in what I term "God's little games in creation" for any natural menace, the maker also made a cheap solution and the solution is usually so close and so simple that we may overlook such.
Ok long story short. Here's how you can use neem seeds to save yourself and family  from mosquito bite. In fact. You can use neem seed extract to fumigate your room and home against mosquitoes at no cost at all. It only takes some minutes and patience to withstand the pungent smell of the seed. Actual it is not that bad... (Smiles)

Who is Mr Neem?
Neem is an evergreen dicot plant that is  native to India but grows almost everywhere in the tropics. It's deep tap root makes it a survivor in even the harshest climes. It is known for its bitter leaves, roots and bark which are used for other medicinal properties.

In Hausa language, Nigeria, the plant is called "Maina". Oops! Yes many people especially from other parts of Nigeria call it Dogoyaro ("Tall Boy" in Hausa translation) but the natives (in Hadejia Jigawa state for example) call it Maina. Well that's not our business here.

The Igbos call it "Akumshorop". Funny. That means "Malaria, Shut up!" This is because it is used as medicine against Malaria. That's a topic for another day.

The botanical name of neem is Azadirachta indica and it's seeds contain the insecticide Azadirachtin.
Yes that's our active ingredient and our guy.

Note that this is not a new discovery. It's a collaboration of a well established fact. This however is the simplest explanation derived from personal experience and use.

Using neem as insecticide is by extracting and using the oil in the seed. Wait, you don't have to go that far.

Burning neem leaves to try and eradicate mosquitoes is waste of time and source of pollution. Don't do it. It is almost ineffective.

So this is how to extract neem oil for use as insecticide:

1. Locate a neem tree and pluck as many fruits from the tree as you can.

2. Remove the branches and sticks.

3. Pound the seed fruits or seeds. Whichever you have. Pound as much as you can. Don't stress too much though. You can just mash it.
Don't use you blender or moutar. The seeds are very bitter. Unless you won't mind.

4. Pour the ground/pounded neem seeds into an bowl and add water. Don't add too much. Let's say you pounded 3 handfuls of neem seeds, one cup of 50cl water is ok.

Note: PLEASE don't add hot or warm water. This will kill the active ingredients.

5. Allow the mixture to rest for sometime. Don't boil, don't keep under the sun. After like an hour or two, sieve the neem water off and discard the chaff.

6. Hurray! You just made your neem insecticide! Pour it into a spray bottle or any other container. Sprinkle it in your room in the morning or evening and see the magic!... miracle of nature.
You can always rub the oil on your skin to discourage the bloodsuckers from biting.

It is best sprinkle or spray in the evening, from around 4 to 5pm or early in the morning when the sun intensity is low. For those in Southern Nigeria where the weather may not be too hot, spray anytime.

7. Make sure you keep the neem extract out of direct sunlight and heat. The Azadirachtin is not tolerant to heat.

Other things to note:
A. Using ethanol ( gin, hot drink, kaikai) to extract the oil of the neem seed is most effective and will give you higher concentration of the insecticide than water. Water was used here as the simplest method and for the fact that religious differences may prevent some readers from accessing alcohol.
B. The neem oil inside the neem seed is the main place where the insecticide Azadirachtin is located but even when the oil is mixed with water as in our case it is still effective against mosquito.
C. This article was written after a real life experiment while I am serving as a NYSC corps member in Hadejia Jigawa state Nigeria and the mosquitoes here are ferocious. If it works here, I bet it will work anywhere else. In face research has shown over 90% reduction in mosquito bite in roomms where neem oil was used.
D. Neem oil can be bought from the market. It may be scarce or unavailable in your area though. If you find it, all you will have to do is spray. No stress.

Last words:
Here is the most exciting thing about neem insecticide. It doesn't not have any side effects and it doesn't kill the mosquitoes immediately. Do you know what it does? Wow! It will make the mosquitoes to become unable to feed by changing the metabolism. This means the mosquitoes will starve themselves to death and without feeding they will not give birth. Are you seeing what I am seeing?
This means that if every household in Nigeria starts using neem insecticide, soon we may eradicate mosquitoes entirely from Nigeria, by purely natural means. The future is green!

Over to you. Is there something I missed?
Have you tried this out? Did it work for you?
Please drop to your comments below or send me an email on WhatsApp on (+234)07035719745.
I will be glad to hear from you.
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Crushed neem seeds

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