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Don't allow any man intimidate you with car or money - Ex beauty queen turned entrepreneur Malvis writes to slay queens

Ex beauty queen and winner of Miss Continent Nigeria 2014, Miss Malvis Azuwuibe has lashed out on slay queens and pepper them gang ladies who have no skills and no legitimate and self-reliant means of livelihood. The beauty queen turned entrepreneur advised the ladies to get a degree, learn a skill or get into business. In a post on her Facebook wall She made her opinion known haven become a boss of her own in making shoes, bags, cosmetics and household equipment. She wrote:

"I want to advice some Ladies.
Now, if you are a lady, and you are not doing anything profitable to your life . You just sit  , Clubbing and Outings , Changing DPs and PM , chatting and hooking up with guys  and you are above 20.
Please know that time is running out.⌚
If you didn't go to school or don't have a degree,  that's a little bit worse! but it's not the end of life... Bill Gates was a drop out but now he is one of the richest person on earth.  Coz he worked hard and wisely .
Who is that guy wasting your life?  What have you placed value on? If you don't place value on yourself, very soon that guy will dump you. The only way to know you value yourself is not by wearing the most expensive things with the money that a guy gave to you. Or by having many men chasing you or wanting u or having many likes and comments on social media. It is by taking responsibility and being responsible.
The truth of the matter is that, guys have become wiser over the years and will not want to spend the rest of their lives with a liability, Do u know what the economy is like now in Nigeria and all over the world???
You are not doing anything, you have no skill , no handwork.  You say you are a sexy girl, u have big ass, big boobs, u be fine girl. Are there not fine  girls with brains? 
Are there not beautiful girls with jobs/income? Or are you the only girl?
Take a decision right now, go out there and learn a skill, learn a handwork,  you can learn tailoring, hair dressing, make-up, Baking, cosmetology, shoe making , bag making, wig making, etc or you do business or u can go back to school and get a degree, get a job, be responsible.  
Don't let any guy intimidate you with his car or money. Develop yourself and very soon you will employ him as your driver if possible .
Dating a guy and still do runs without certificate or degree do u think it's the highest achievement ?
Do u knw if a guy comes for your hand in marriage the first thing HIS family will ask him  "IS SHE A GRADUATE AND HAVE DOCUMENTS TO BACK IT UP" ?  
SLAY QUEEN, SLAY CHARMING , WHAT R U SLAYING.., PEPPER DEM GANG, WHO ARE YOU PEPPERING .???? .REMOVE PRIDE AND WORK !!!. Be useful to yourselves LADIES. Stop depending on men for everything, find something doing that will be profitable to your life and future..."
Here are some of the things wares she make herself to  prove her point.


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