See Engineer who married a ROBOT he created because....

Engineer and his robot wife
Crazy world! An engineer has weeded the robot he created after he was rejected by ladies.
Zheng Jiajia , 31 , is an engineer specialising in Artificial Intelligence. He decided to design a partner with his own hands.
He built the ‘ female ’ robot named Yingying at the end of 2016 and things moved fast , the
South China Morning Post reports .

Just a few months later, they tied the knot, in a ceremony which , disappointingly , was not legally binding .
Yingying, who weighs 30 kg , is able to speak a few simple words and can identify Chinese characters .
Disappointingly for Zheng, she is lacking in domestic skills as she is not yet able to walk .
However, he plans to upgrade her to do housework at a later date as they slowly grow old together .
On the day of the ceremony on Friday , she wore a red shawl around her head and a black suit for the traditional ritual .
One of Zheng’ s friends told the paper that he took the unorthodox approach after he couldn ’t find a girlfriend .
His mother and friends witnessed the marriage.

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