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Saturday, 1 April 2017

8 things every woman must know before marriage; 8 ways to keep your man

Best article to start your April with! Blablabla... I wanted to write an intro. Never mind, let's get to it. 8 things you should know about men before you take that ring. 8 things to know, to keep your man.

1. Men are visual-driven:
Women are moved by words, men are moved by what they see. That's why the make up industry remains one of the most patronised in the world.
So if you are looking good before marriage make sure you stick to looking good after, or else you might lose your man to some 18 year old side chick. Exercise, eat good, bathe early, smell good, dress mmmuah!, and keep those hairs fresh.

2. Men are foodies:
It's almost impossible to keep your husband if you are not ready to give him good and delicious food. The American lifestyle of fast foods and restaurants is not working out too well for the, is it? In Africa, the woman who holds the key to her man's belly owns her man.
If you can't cook and you are single, congrats you can learn!
If you can't cook and you are married, it's not too late! There are lots of books and online tutorials and even mobile applications that can guide you to make some yummy meals. Go baby go!
There's a Nigerian tribe where the ladies are said to easily seduce men by cooking amazing food? Do you know them? Oya take cover!

3. Men don't like a nagging woman. Not at all:
Some school of thought believe it is best to pour out everything when you are angry. Don't keep anything in!
Well that seems reasonable but you could try to say it all and say more than can be endured.
Nagging is a real big shit in most homes. No matter how beautiful a woman is, nagging reduces her to the level of a psycho. Worse still nagging usually makes things worse, not better. Speaking about how bad you feel about a man's action perhaps after a nice meal could help. Or it could just be a pillow talk, after the main thing. Rule of thumb: Don't make your complaint in more than one sentence. A medium one, not long sentence.

4. Men have different sex urges, strengths and weaknesses:
Yes, they do. Just like women. So it's quite imperative to discuss this before marriage.

For the moral conservatives who are forbidden or choose not to "Do it" before marriage, it's good for you to make sure he sincerely answers the question: "How often are you aroused?".
Awkward, it may seem, but you are about to enter a very long relationship with this man and no question is too BIG. No information is in vain!
Some men are horses. And if you get into marriage with them without knowing while you are "not the sex type" there's gonna be some serious issues.
Some men can go days, even weeks without itching for sex. If you get into marriage with them, and you are the hot type, there could be issues.
So find your fit!

5. Men are not chitchatty:
Although there are exceptions, most men don't really like too much talking. While you are dating he might call you for 25 hours in a day but when marriage sets in most men don't talk so much anymore. Don't take it to heart sweetie. It's how they are made. Besides, they could actually be spending much time thinking about how to make you happy or about business. One of a woman's skills should be how to initiate strong conversations with her husband.

6. Men love to be the boss:
Even as the arguments of gender equality and feminism rages across the world, men are naturally dominants. Dominant as in they like taking the lead and being the lords.
Nations where the women are bent on being on the same level with the men at work and home  have heavy shares of  broken homes. A man owes his woman respect and love. A woman owes her husband humility and love. Even if she earns more than the man.

7.  Men can still flirt, at times:
Your man could throw jokes or compliments at another lady right in front of you. In an increasingly suspicious world, flirting is seen almost as bad as cheating.  But most times men don't really mean it that way, especially the extrovert men. They could just be playing. Try to live with that.

8. Most men are polygamous in nature:
Someone will want to shoot me for this! But it's just true. A woman could still be all the best and somehow the man will get carried away by "the devil". While this write-up is not to encourage infidelity, it's fact that at least 1 out of 10 married men cheat or will cheat at least once. So a woman has to hope and pray it never happens but if it does, you should try to forgive. You don't let a one night stand chase you away from what took you years to build.
Polygamous men sometimes show the signs even before marriage. So do your checks and balances and know if you can live with it if it ever happens.

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