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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

No google adsense? How to make money with your blog without Google adsense

Yes Google adsense can be very annoying. They are too picky and sometimes you just wonder what you are doing wrong to permit all those disappointing emails that they send back to you after each application.
And yes google adsense is hypocritical and biased. For instance your blog has to have been up to at least six months old if you are applying for Adsense from Africa. And does that solve the problem? Nope. You can blog for 5 years and get up to 10 million views and still get that same sorry reply when you apply for adsense. This is because they do not even care to get people to do the job.Robots do the job and we all know how stupid bots can be.

Also there are top site that display adult content and copied content and still get averts from adsense but the small blogs get punished for the slightest lewd content.
This article is not about telling you how to get adsense and it is not to tell you to ditch your account if you have one.
Here is an intro to alternative ways to make money with your blog if Google adsense has rejected you. And even if you have adsense, you can add this too.

Tip: The best was listed last

1.Make Money With  Direct Ads placement:

If you work hard and smart enough and get your blog to become popular then you will surely start getting emails or messages from people who will want to place adverts on your blog at a fee. You are the one who decides how much you will reply and then make sure that the negotiation takes place and you get the cash and deliver the service. However it is usually best to start from a not too expensive rate in order not to scare away clients. Also be sincere with the site stats that you mention. Some advertisers will ask for a screenshot of your pageviews in order to decide to work with you or walk.

2. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is an advertising system that allows website or blog owners to link place adverts for the sales of other people's products, mainly e-commerce sites like Amazon, Jumia, Konga etc, with the benefit of being paid some percentage when people who see the adverts finally buy. You can get as low as 0.5% per sale to 5%. It requires lots of traffic and a financially good to go audience on your blog for you to really make cool cash from this.

There are some other ways like selling your goods and services through your blog but here is the best for the last.


Yes Propeller Ads is a very simple way of making cool cash from your website or blog.
The feature include interstitial ads, popunder ads and more. They don't punish people as google and their pay per impression is better than Adsense.
The setup of Propeller ads is also simple and can be done within minutes by a novice. 
You don't have a website? No problem at all, you can still earn without a blog or website by sharing the links. Join Propeller and you will see that there is no reason to starve your blog of adverts just because of Google Ad(non)sense.
Propeller Ads also offer you the opportunity to earn by referring others to their program!
So if you own 

It's fun to comment and share. Drop yours!

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