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Friday, 3 March 2017

Nigerian corp member calculated their salary and their expenses during service. The balance is just...

An anonymous NYSC corp member has calculated the amount of money that the Federal Government pays a corp member and calculated the average expenses made by a 'corper' for the 12 months. The balance is funny. Although the post was created for funny effect, it has an undeniable truth stamped on it- the salary of corp members in this era of recession is nothing to write home about as the corp members end up saving little or nothing after service - well unless one decides to starve.
See the analysis below:

19,800 x 11months = N217,800

Note: that first allawee was paid in the orientation camp.

Tithes: 1,980 × 11= N21,780 (for those who pay)
Bank charges: 105 x 11 = N1,155

Food: 10,000 (at least) x 11= N110,000

Call card: 1,000 (monthly) x 11= N11,000

Phone subscription: 1,200 (at least in a month) x 11 = N13,200

Transport fare to CDS/Clearance: 500 (at least in a month) x 11 = N5,500

Cream, tooth paste, bathing and washing soaps: N5,000 (for 11months)

Cloths and shoe: N22,000 (for 11months)

Transport fare back home: N6,000 e.g. (those who served in the north, and lives in the south)

Other contingencies: N20,000 (CDS dues, religious dues, sent-forth dues, transport fare to church/mosque e.t.c.)

BALANCE:- 217,800- 215,635 =

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