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Meet the $500,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Laudulet 650. |@mercedesbenz

Now this is a car for the elite! The newly launched Mercedes-Benz Maybach G-class 650 is something else. It is an SUV and an off-road beast. It cost a screaming $500,000 being the world's most expensive SUV and only 99 of it will be produced. The car was announced at the last week by the German car making giant Mercedes Benz at an auto show in Geneva
 It boasts a V12 engine and a landaulet style – there is also a fabric roof that can be transformed into a convertible top.
The vehicle stretches 17 feet long (5,345 millimeters), has a wheelbase of 11 feet (3,428 millimeters) and stands about seven feet tall (2,235 millimeters).
Although the Maybach seats four passengers comfortably, those sitting in the back receive the best treatment – they have access to the retractable roof.

Specifications of the Mercedez G-Class Laudulet 650

  • Boasts  a V12 engine
  • Stretches 17 feet long, has a wheelbase of 11 feet and stands about seven feet tall
  • Designed with a retractable fabric roof that is activated by pressing a button
  •  Sits four people comfortable
  • Has four-doors
  • Electrically operated glass partition separates the rear compartment from the driver's section large business console houses folding tables and thermal cup holders between the seats
  • Fitted with the Mercedes-AMG V12 biturbo engine that delivers a maximum output of 463 kW (630 hp) with a peak torque of 1000 Newton-meters

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