Anti-feminism makeup artist writes against feminists - challenges them to propose to their boyfriends ( #feminist)

A makeup artist and vivid Facebook user Miracle Ezeonu had blasted her fellow ladies who are supporters of feminism. But it didn't go well with her fellow ladies who have resorted to criticising her view of the subject. Her write-up below:

"You are a feminist, you see a guy you like, you can't approach him and tell him you like him, reason being that you are a girl that the guy is meant to approach you first,
My sister surely, your brain is paining you! 

You are a feminist, you have a boyfriend that you would love to spend the rest of your life with, and you can't propose and pay his groom's price reason being that you are a girl that it's left for him to do that,
Sister your chest is sweating! 

You guys should know when to draw the line about this whole feminist thing. Fight for something reasonable.
As a girl you should have your self respect and dignity.

How many guys have you impregnated?
I think you all should be fighting to improve being a respected and a wonderful  woman that you are.
Not fighting to be the same with men.
God is not foolish! 

Feminist that cannot propose to her boyfriend, is that one a feminist.
Errm I'm around ikenegbu, Owerri, coman beat me."

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