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Monday, 21 November 2016

Top 10 English language mistakes Nigerian graduates make

English is indeed a second language to Nigerians but then after 3 years in nursery school, 6 years in primary school, 6 years in secondary school and at least 3 years in the tertiary institution, it is expected that one should have gained a certain mastery of the language which is Nigeria's official language.
However it is not unusual to hear graduates of Nigerian universities make some terrible grammatical blunders in their spoken and even written English.
Today on GistGate.Com, the most exciting blog in Nigeria, we look at top 10 such blunders that make the top of the list. Enjoy, be educated and share...

1. POST-PON-DED instead of Postponed.
2. STAFFS instead of Staff
3. ATM Machine instead of ATM or AT Machine
4. "I am coming" when one is actually going out instead of "I will be back"
5. INFORMATIONS instead of Information
6. Youth Corper instead of Youth Corps Member
7. Earpiece when refering to earphone or headphone
8. "Borrow me you book" instead of "Lend me book"
9. Answering "Yes" to the question "Do you mind...?" when one actually should say "No"
10. "It's for me" instead of "It's mine"
11. Add any other blunder you have heard from a graduate in the comment section.

It's fun to comment and share. Drop yours!

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