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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Very Funny!! 7 Pictures You Can Relate To If You’ve Ever Been To An ATM In Nigeria

If you’ve ever used an ATM in Nigeria before, then I bet you will relate with this pictures below…
Lets go!
1. You drive by when you’re in need of money. You see a bank with nobody at the ATMN. You rush in
2. You can boldly see [OUT OF SERVICE] Then you clean your eyes and check again
3. But, you have to go to the bank with long queue
4. You See The Long Queue & You shout “Jesus Christ”
5. No other choice that to kuku join the queue
6. After waiting for about 30mins on the queue, someone comes to tell you he was here before you
7. You’ll be like, oga, no provoke me ooooo

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