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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Dr Mike Okoro honored by MYIMSU.COM as Student-Friendly Lecturer of the year 2015

Dr Mike Okoro
An erudite philosopher and one of the most popular lecturers in Imo State University, Dr Michael Okoro (Dee Mike), Dr of Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities, IMSU, was honoured with a merit award as Student-Friendly Lecturer of the year 2015 by MYIMSU.COM as one of the awardees at the Distinguished Personalities Awards 2016. team made up of the CEO Mr Anaturuchi "GreenBrain" Iroapali, Queen Sandra Joseph Nwaobi (Winner Most Beautiful Face in IMSU 2016), Miss Chantele Nnadozie (2nd runner up MBFII), Queeneth Igwe (MBFII chaperon), Rex U.C (model) paid Dr Mike Okoro a courtesy visit last Thursday 18th February, 2016 during which he was properly presented with his award.
Dee Mike who was visibly too happy said it was a big honor that he was chosen for such an honor. He said it was his fifth award as Student-friendly lecturer.
He recounted his years of active participation in pageantries and encouraged the Queens to use their office to influence the school community positively. He also advised them to stay tops in their academic pursuits.
"Give a woman beauty and tell her she is beautiful and she will conquer a man, but give a woman beauty and education and she will conquer a nation. If you train a woman you've trained a nation" said the philosopher.
He also encouraged the good works of and urged the body to keep going higher without relenting.
Dr Mike Okoro gave his word that he will support to make the next edition of the awards and pageant be a bigger success. In a light mood, he recalled his days as a dance champion and his skills in dancing of Michael Jackson's songs especially the all time hit song 'Thriller".
It was a splendid time and except for the fact that it was getting late, none of us felt like going home. We were convinced that the award was truely deserved.
More pictures below...

Dr Mike Okoro and Mr Anaturuchi GreenBrain, CEO

Dr Mike Okoro and MBFII 2nd  runner up Chantele Nnadozie

Dee Mike and Queen Sandra Joseph of MBFII

Dr Mike Okoro and MBFII Chaperon Queeneth Igwe

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