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Monday, 21 December 2015

IMSU lecturer/HOD allegedly teaching with fake certificate

Students of the department of Computer science in the Faculty of science, Imo state university Owerri have been writing series of posts against their Head of Department and lecturer Dr Chukwudi Maduako Igbe alleging he has continued to frustrate the academic efforts of the students and extort money from them and also fail lots of students in their examinations. Earlier this year, the Computer science students went on protest on campus asking for the removal of Dr Igbe. However he was retained as the HOD even when most HODs of other departments were changed around October this year.

The most recent accusation is that Dr Igbe has been teaching with fake certificates and according to Miss Anyanwu Miracle's post on Facebook, ICPC officials stormed IMSU last Friday to arrest the lecturer but he fled.
Here's what Miss Anyanwu Miracle, who has been canvassing for removal of Dr Igbe, wrote on Facebook:

The Head of department of computer science, Imo State University, Mr. Chukwudi Igbe on friday the 18th of December 2015 escaped an investigative panel as his office was raided by the Independent Corrupt practices and other related offences commission (ICPC) who unofficially stormed the University campus without informing the Dean faculty of science and the entire management of Imo state University having been written officially over an alleged Certificate Scam and forgery by the said HOD of the department.
The commission which stormed the institution said they came due to a 15 page strong worded petition with some backed up evidence sent to them by some concerned Bsc, Msc & Phd students in the department. The Commission said they were hugely disappointed not to have met the Head of Department of Computer Science on sit at about 11:00am when they arrived. They took up investigations to some students of the department who gave them useful information which was corresponding with the petition filed against the HOD.
*First student* (name witheld) said: "My HOD does not know how to teach. He hardly talks about any topic he introduces to the class. His textbooks are all pirated and rubbish. None of them has ISBN number and are hard to understand." She stated.
*The Second Student* who was very aggresive said: "MY HOD is an evil man. He compels lecturers to intentionally fail us upon our efforts. It is no more news in the department that he doesnt have a genuine certificate and we are going to raise the alarm next year when the school resumes. He claims to be a church man but he is very evil and a devil incarnet. He is just a natural saddist and now we have known that he has no certificate, we shall deal with him on that aspect." he stated.
*The third student* who cried while speaking to them said: "I was stepped down with 4 missing scripts just because I have no one to speak for me. My Hod asked me to even drop out and join mechanic work. My HOD cannot write any programming code because he doesnt know anything in computer science field, the only thing he knows and derives joy in doing is to fail students. God will pay him back and Karma will never spare his family." he cried.
Upon leaving the school, the commission assured the students to sanction the Dean of Faculty of Science, the deputy Vice Chancellor on academics, The Vice Chancellor, the personnel, the registrar, the Bursar and the National Universities Commission (NUC) for shielding evil and corruption in Imo state University Owerri after their investigations are concluded on the petition.
I, Miracle Anyanwu and other well meaning Imo stars wishes to call upon the state government to rescue us from these unqualified teachers without certificates and expose all of them who eat undeserved fat salaries from the state subvention given to Imo state University.
Long Live Dr. Rochas Owelle Anayo Okorocha!
Long Live Prof. Adaobi Obasi!
Long Live Imo state University!
Long Live Computer Science department!
Long Live Imo state Government! will conduct further investigation on the matter and report our findings.

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