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I want a united FOBASA- IMSU Faculty of Business Administration President-elect, Nkemjika Okeke Speaks

The students of Faculty of Business Administration of Imo state university, Owerri, held a keenly contested election last semester that resulted in the emergence of a new set of executives to oversee the activities and welfare of the students for the next one year. In an interview with MYIMSU.COM last week, Nkemjika Okeke, the newly elected president speaks on the problems that the faculty has faced and how he and his team plan to take the faculty to a higher level.

Can we meet you?

My name is NKEMJIKA UZODINMA OKEKE. A final year student of accountancy department, business faculty, Imo state university, owerri.
I'm the president elect of business faculty, IMSU.

When did you come into office?

I am still the president elect as it stands now but I'll soon be sworn in fully.

What activities led to your election into office and was the election competitive, free and fair?

To me, in the history of faculty of business admin, this is the most competitive election so far. There has been the history of apathy towards faculty elections. This time, I ran against somebody from marketing department and all indications pointed at him to emerge the winner but I came out from the blue and I will say it's the handiwork of the Lord and a few touches here and there.

What inspired you to go into the political race?

I believe that everyone has ideas that are made to build up and transform your environment. If one has those ideas and knows the way to implement them then the place of leadership is the best avenue to do so. When I came out for the post I believed I had the ideas to transform the faculty and the faculty organization from what it was in the past which was something not to write home about. The faculty is one of the most known in imo state university and beyond and I believed I have something the leadership abilities to take it higher.

Do you mean those who were there before you didn't work as much as they would have?

Since my stay in the faculty, from year one, we've had faculty elections but I only remember having one faculty week. There was this apathy about the faculty, most people were after how to move their department forward than how to come together and move the entire faculty forward. The faculty is made up of five departments, accountancy, banking and finance, management, marketing and insurance. These five had been working independently and there was no unite body that could cone out as a faculty and do this or that.
My aim is to unite these five department together and make it a faculty that can be reckoned with in IMSU.

What's your association known as?

Faculty of Business Administration Students Association (FOBASA)

What are the problems on ground now bedeviling FOBASA and the faculty as a whole?

The major aim of the association is to unite the students towards harnessing their potentials and developing skills in the university system and using them to help them in the future. But as a faculty, the status quo has always been that we just has faculty weeks and do the normal things.
But I now have plans to help develop students and build the needed entrepreneurship skills in them because the business administration is about knowing how to apply business techniques in not just business but also everyday life. Most students, like has been observed, funny enough in the faculty, do not understand business and how to apply business in everyday life. The goal is to enable them to understand how to develop business even outside the university environment, how to develop business plan, work with little money and use it to sustain themselves especially in this current economic situation. These are some of the problems and goals we have.

How do you plan to handle the issues of missing examination scripts that students have been complaining about?

First and foremost, you should know that the cases of missing scripts is not just in our faculty, it's in the whole school and we can attribute these to mistakes which are made by humans in everyday life. We are working on setting up a committee that will look into the results in every department when they are released. The committee will help scrutinize and know the problems of each student that has a problem of missing scripts and give him/her a feedback. This committee will be set up as soon as we are inaugurated. It's one of the things I have in mind. The committee will be made up of members from each department. The sole aim of the committee will be to look into the problems of results and if there are any corrections to be made, the committee will follow it through the due process to make the corrections as soon as possible.

How do you plan to unite the five departments?

For progress to be made in any association, there must be unity and peace. Unity can be used as a tool to bring out the best in people. For instance, if we organize a kind of event where all the departments get to be involved, for instance a football match, students overlook whether they are from this department or that. There are other activities we have mapped out to teach students and unite then towards assuming that spirit of one reach faculty.

What are your current plans for the growth of the faculty?

Like I said, I came into office because I noticed some problems which I have to provide solutions to. The activities are going to be varied. There's going to be the faculty week. This is aimed to bring students together through culture, sports and fun. We are also mapping out plans for a business fair competition that will be very viable and lucrative competition where students come together, make business plans and there will be judges. The winner will go home with something outstanding. We also are having plans to make few renovations to the faculty extension, at the moment we are using a temporary site because our new faculty is under construction, but that doesn't mean that we will leave it as it is. We are also working on interaction programmes between FOBASA here in IMSU and those in other schools, to partner with them and see what best we can do to gain ideas and knowledge to utilize for our collective good. Many more activities are coming up and I urge the students to stay tuned and see.

What ways do you plan to be passing out information to the members of the faculty to know your activities as the unfold?

First, we thank God for the information age. There are different social media sites that students frequent and other means of communication. We also intend putting up a suggestion and complaints box at the faculty for students to use to communicate with the excos.
We also have the Director of information who is in charge of communication not only within the faculty but also between our faculty and other facilities and other schools.
We are looking at partnering with to help in passing out information because we know MYIMSU.COM is the leading website for Imo state students and its the perfect platform for us to bring out news about the faculty. Internally, we have our Facebook page ( where students can go and like the page and get news on happenings around the faculty.

What kind of FOBASA will you love to leave when leaving office?

I will love to leave a united FOBASA and a FOBASA where students can stand up boldly anywhere they go to and be able to utilize the skills they've learnt here to grow and improve. I will also love to leave a FOBASA where students of the faculty will continue moving with the association and getting more activities that will help the association get bigger and better.

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