How to make Nigeria's electricity work- Prof. Egwu

In an article gotten from Vanguard, Prof. Sylvester Egwu advises the incoming President of Nigeria to remove all generators from government houses as one of the ways to solve the electricity problem in Nigeria. He also suggested death penalty for those who fight against attainment of steady power supply in Nigeria. Read below...

A Renewable Energy expert, Prof. Sylvester Egwu, has advised the President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, to tackle the epileptic power supply in the country by dismantling all generators in Aso Rock Villa. He also urged Buhari the President elect to order the Power Holding Company, PHCN, and Distribution Companies, DISCOs, to give the Villa power supply to save huge money spent on generating sets.
Egwu said that Nigeria as the giant of Africa has no justifiable reason to be in perpetual darkness, when it had all the potential to be energy sufficient and even export electricity outside the country.

Speaking exclusively with Sweetcrude, he said, “Nigeria as a giant of Africa has no justifiable reason to be in perpetual darkness having all the potential to be energy sufficient and export it to the poorer West African nations.
“The lack of electric power in Nigeria has become an incurable disease that has eaten up progress, dignity and pride of Nigeria over several decades with billions of US dollars already sunk and wasted by Nigeria. “Nigeria power capacity has been abysmally hovering around 0-4000 MW for a population of about 170 million people. This is abnormal and a sin against the Creator of the universe. God said ‘Let there be light’ but Nigeria says NO.
Because there is no light, “The President -elect can cure this disease sometime attributed to witches and wizards by some people by taking the following drastic, uncommon and bold steps to bring Nigeria to light and restore her dignity: “He can set an example by dismantling all generators in Aso Rock Villa and ordering PHCN /DISCOs to give the Villa power supply and remove all generators in the government houses including PHCN offices. Impose death penalty or life jail for vandalism and sabotage of operations, facilities and installations.
“On importation of refined crude products, he said, Nigeria is wasting crude oil money on fuel; the refineries must be made to work. Nigeria under proper energy management can be a giant of Africa and indeed a developed nation everyone will love and live in with pride and dignity.”
The author of “Renewable Energy: An Overview”, further noted that Nigerians are fleeing from darkness to poorer and developed countries in search of electricity.
He decried that Nigeria, which is blessed with abundant resources is getting poorer on daily basis, and bedevilled by insecurity and increasing crime waves, adding, “there are no industries and factories, there is high unemployment and there is death and suffering caused by the use of generators everywhere.”
Egwu described energy as a motive force that drives the economy. According to him, “The more a nation consumes energy, the more prosperous that nation becomes with better quality of life and improved wellbeing of its people. “There is no nation in the world that depends only on generators for power supply except Nigeria. Nigerians have turned themselves individually to PHCN with generators of all sizes  to power themselves. Individual power supply is only everyday’s punishment which cannot guarantee energy sufficiency.
“With improved, efficient and adequate power supply, Nigeria will indeed become a giant of Africa with less insecurity, improved educational standard as there will be light for school work, factories and industries will spring up. “Unemployment will be reduced, and life will become more comfortable and corruption will be minimised while poverty will be reduced.” he said.Don't leave without dropping a comment. Click on "No Comment" or "Post a comment", Select a profile or choose Anonymous if you don't have an account, Type your comment. Click the box to confirm you are not a robot and click Publish. Search for MYIMSU on Facebook and Like our page. Contact us to report any important story.