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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Couple suspected to have gone to join ISIS with their four kids

Asif Malik Sara Kiran
A muslim couple and their four children have been reported missing in Britain and their relatives have expressed fears that the family may have gone over to Syria to join the Islamic sect ISIS.
Asif Malik, 31, his partner Sara Kiran, 29, and their four children Zoha Malik, seven, Essa Malik, four, Zakariya Malik, two, and Yhaya Malik, one, from Slough, Berkshire, were last seen on April 7. Continue to see the pictures of the children after cut...

They were reported missing to police last Thursday. Mr Malik and Miss Kiran left without mentioning any holiday or travel plans to relatives, which is said to be ‘entirely out of character for this family’. 
They are believed to have boarded a ferry from Dover to Calais on April 8 at 0.30am - before travelling south through Europe, possibly by train, and through Budapest in Hungary on April 12.
Thames Valley Police is worried about a combination of ‘the rhetoric from the Islamic State encouraging people to travel to Syria, the direction of travel and concerns voiced by Asif’s family’
Zakariva Malik Yahya Malik

Gone: Zoha Malik (left), seven, and Essa Malik (right), four, are among the four children who are also missing

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