Photos from IMSU Rag day 2015

Here are a few photos from Imo state university students' rag day on Thursday 5th February, 2015.
The rag day is a student culture that is observed by year one students in all or almost all universities in Nigeria. In most cases, the rag day is not officially recognized. However, fresh students ( and sometimes their senior comrades) dress up in rags and tarted dresses and move out in groups to beg for money on the streets. Some even travel out of the state to places where they believe they will make more money.
Some also do it simply for the fun of it.
Here are some photos from IMSU rag day this year.
You can send in your rag day pictures to me.
The IMSU 2015 matriculation will hold today after it was postponed from Friday 6th due to the public holiday in the state to enable Imo citizens collect their permanent voter's cards.