As we keep looking into areas where Imno state university, Owerri has is developing positively, we take a look at the new IMSU e-library.
The Imo State University Electronic Library was built and equipped this year and commissioned on 7th of July, 2014 by the Pro-chancellor of the university, Mazi Clement Owunna. By August 2014, it was made open for students to use students of the university. All that is needed by the students is a means of identifying them as students of the university that is through their I.D cards.
Those who wish to browse with their wi-fi enabled devices can go upstairs to the e-library staff office to obtain login.The IMSU-Library is equipped with about a hundred up-to-date desktop computers and login is required on each PC. An e-library assistant is always around to assist on that issue. See more details and pictures below...

The e-library is separated from the main reading library by a glass wall.
The only con I noticed was the lack of UPS on the systems, thus, once the electric supply goes off (as it usually does in Nigeria till the day God rescues us) all the systems just trip off like televisions. I hope they are looking into making changes on this aspect. Apart from that, the IMSU e-library is a job well done.
The computers are all operating on Window 8 version so if you are not conversant with that, you will have to cool down and learn. The PCs also have web cams.
Use of flashdrives are prohibited to avoid virus. Opposite the e-library is a door that opens to lavatories (toilets) where students can go for that private issue (winks)
Imo state university is undoubtedly getting better.