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 While some are still going on their knees day and night praying to to God to make their names come out in one of the expected IMSU 2014 admission lists after the merit list was released last month, others are frantically waiting for the clearance to commence because they have already been granted admission. Well, I understand your curiosity, I had been through the same thing some years back. So to help ease the curiosity, here is the report of my findings on the IMSU 2014 admission clearance.
As at Wednesday, 8th October, 2014, the Imo state 2014 admission clearance had not begun. An enquiry from the staff of the IMSU Admission Unit made it clear that the clearance for the newly admitted students will commence next week. So, hey, there is no need of rushing to the school. Just calm down and put your head and stuff together. Instead of wasting your transport fare and taking unnecessary travelling risks, just keep visiting at least 3 time a day. We are the ones who are already in the school and yes we are not lazy. We will keep going the extra mile to keep you informed about the latest developments.
If the clearance begins, we will be the first to let you know. So, bookmark this site, tell your friend about it, like us on facebook HERE and always browse the site. As you may have noticed, there are no dull moments here. Someone stays awake while you sleep at night and also walks about like a mad person in school and around it just to make sure you are totally and correctly informed.
However, while you wait, here are some of the documents you must get ready before coming for the clearance. The truth is that during the time I processed my admission, I suffered a lot because of lack of adequate information on the materials I needed to present for the clearance and that made me spend a lot of money travelling from home to school and back again.
The materias include but are not limited to the following:
  1. Original and photocopies of O' level result (or results if you are combining two results from sittings of O'level leaving exams)
  2.  JAMB registration slip
  3. Original JAMB result slips and photocopies
  4. Recent passport photographs (Up to 4 or 8 copies)
  5. Original Post utme registration slip and xeroxes (photocopies)
  6. Post UTME result printout (and photocopies)
  7. Admission Status printout
  8. L.G.A proof of origin ( can be obtained from your LGA coucil headquarters)
  9. Proof of origin from your community head or king
  10. Substantial proof of age which may be Birth certificate, Affidavit (Which can be sworn at the court), or Baptismal certificate that bears your date of birth.
You should not expect the clearance to be as simple as ABC, although Imo stae university is getting better, the manual way of doing things coupled at times with lack of enough manpower still makes things cumbersome to some extent. So you are advised to leave home as early as possible because thousands of others will be coming for the same thing as you especially if you are not based in Owerri and have no place to stay. You are advised to be in school before 8am on the days of the clearance and eat well before coming and pray well too. Also note that it will not end in a day.
The clearance will begin at the Admission Unit, beside Zenith and IMSU microfinance bank. You will also do Faculty clearance and departmental clearance. Every piece of papaer is very important.
 Since the state governor of Imo state has cancelled the payment of acceptance fee in Imo state university, the hassle of going to the bank has also been cancelled... You guys are lucky ooo.
  I look forward to seeing your beautiful and glowing faces (although most of you won't even recognize me when we cross parts, no wahala) and I pray you won't loose the zeal and focus with which you are entering IMSU (believe me, many have lost theirs).

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful info. Greenbrain.
    You are the best!!!

    1. Oh... I'm blushing! Hahaha. Please tell others about the site and like our Facebook page and invite your friends to do same. That is how I will actually know that you appreciate. Thanks.

    2. Am michael,please Green can somebody help another person to do the clearance?bc am far away,living work to come for clearance nd live work again for my step mother burial next month again .it baffle me

    3. I feel you situation but bro, my sincere advice is that the best way is for you to do these things yourself. Our people have a saying that you cannot properly see with another man's eyes.

    4. Please Green will it be too late if I come back on 10th of next month for the clearance?

  2. What a detailed information. Thumbs up.

  3. Thumbs up Green Brain...u are the best!!!!

    1. Thanks. Keep browsing and spread the word please

  4. Good work from u keep it up "RESPECT"from michael

    1. Respect to you too. Spread the word. Let's do this!

  5. Please green brain.....hope dis time it real cus I have to travel

  6. I love you. You are the best since i know you. God will bless you

    1. Amen dear, and I love you too. God bless you too as you tell your friends about the wedsite and like our facebook page and invite others to do same.

  7. Pls do you have an idea when the second list will be released?

    1. We are hoping to see it next week. I will however get across to the student affairs department, the Ag registrar, the ICT persons and even if necessary the VC to get you an reliable info on or before wednesday next week, if the list does not come out before then

  8. thanx for dats info. I shall be waiting by nxt week


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