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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

"FREE EDUCATION IS REAL"- IMSU V.C Opens UP On Salient Matters in Interactive Session With The Imo State University and IMSU Alumni Members

The Team that carried out the Social Media Chat with Imo State University Vice-Chancellor.
(Left-Right) Comrade NEWS, Hon. Ik Ogbonna (NIPR Secretary), Professor Ukachukwu Awuzie (Imo State University Vice-Chancellor), Abba Maraoke (National President IMSU-AlUMNI), Barr. Perpetual Ozobia and Professor Jerome Okonkwo, (Imo State University Deputy Vice-Chancellor).
 Just got this info from a friend and I think it is worth reading. It is tagged the "The COMPLETE Online Interactive Session for IMSU ALUMNI with the Vice-Chancellor of Imo State University Professor Ukachukwu A. Awuzie" which held today, 7/10/2014 and posted online courtesy "Comrade NEWS"
The writeup will seem mixed up at first but you will understad it better as you proceed. This is due to the fact that it was a facebook chat and you know how group chats can be at times with people anxiously asking their own questions. However, I still commend the efforts of Comrade News in bringing this our way. I have tried as much as possible to edit it and make it better understandable and you are advised to read it well because it contains some relevant info about the MOVING OF IMSU AGRIC FACULTY TO NGOR OKPALA, IMSU LAW FACULTY ACCREDITATION, TRANSCRIPTS, IMSU CONVOCATION, IMSU POPULATION, NEW INFRASTRUCTURES IN IMSU, HOW FREE EDUCATION IS RUN IN IMSU etc.

Maduabuchi Mere:  What is being done about transcripts?

VC: All students worksheet are being produced and transmitted to our server so you can access your transcript online. I know it demoralizes our students a lot.
As regards the transcript, it is almost difficult to search for it that is why we are looking forward to diditalizing the transcript which will be taken to a server and saved,
It is necessary because it demoralizes students.
Some of you have lost admission owing to manual processing of transcript. I am working towards digitalization of the process.
I have created more space and procured 10 computers to exams and records.

Abba Maraoke (IMSU Alumni National President): The alumni has donated 10 scanners to help the university in the process of digitization of transcript.

VC: I donated computers to the Exams and records even tables in order to facilitate their job in the office.

VC: The school is now totally covered by wifi and you can browse free.
Our e-library is now working including that of the law library

VC: We have 248 work stations in ICT and now a centre for Jamb CBT exams.
In 6 months time, we would run an E-administration in this university

VC: From the 200 computers, 100 is in the E-Library and 50 in the ICT and by the next 6 -7 months this administration will be running digitally.

Maduabuchi Mere:How many students do we have presently in Imsu?
VC: We have 21,000 undergraduates.
       Part time, post graduates are 24,000

VC: the certificate issue is another problem. I signed 2012, 2014 and then they bring 2000. I insist they attach convocation brochure or senate result approval. I have ordered that All certificates upto 2009 be cleared. Those after 2009 graduation must have a signature on their certificate from the Vice-Chancellor. It is necessary to put all the certificates in shelves for easy access.

VC: I have placed order for the dummy of our certificates to the tune of 29 million Naira as it is done by our minting company

VC: I will clear test before December and clear up to 2013 by June next year. 

I want all certificates to be cleared up before December. A lot of certificates have not been collected by their owners and they have been signed.

VC: there are lots of certificates not collected at the moment. NUC has ordered that certificates be issued on or before convocation and not after it and we are set to meet that deadline. I will admit we are short staffed and to recruit we have to get approval from the Governor.
We have created an alumni desk awaiting staffing.
There is a need to fill in some vacuums from several offices in order to facilitate work.

Bright Nwachukwu: Please can he really throw more lights on the free education system in IMSU and how it really works?

VC: I introduced graduate assistance ship in IMSU and I will use the alumni in that regards train them and send them abroad. So far, 13 academic staff have been sent abroad for training via Tetfund.

Esiobu Nnaemeka Success-Achievers: What is the fate of the Agric Faculty.. are they still moving to Ngor/Mbaise?

VC: I am very committed to using our ALUMNI in order for them to come back and build the university. About 13 people have been sent for PHD overseas and there is a Tetfund Project that is taking care of that.

VC: On law faculty we have NUC accreditation but don't have 4 council of legal education, they are coming before the end of this year. The SANs of imo origin have come to see our preparation

VC: We have 500 individualized classrooms

VC: We have expanded the law library, built a new moot court, 252 volumes of English law reports etc

Charles Nwokorie: Thank you for finding time for this on-line interaction. I am happy that your administration is making every effort to correct the difficulties Imsu graduates have to pass before accessing their transcript. It would be nice for the cost of the transcript to be reduced

VC: We have an e library for them with 50 systems

Charles Nwosu: Goodmorning my VC. I congratulate you Sir on the confirmation of your appointment.
My question Sir is (1) I guess you must have addressed the issue of digitalisation of Exams and Records department, but my question is how are you going to handle the exams records of some graduated students whose records can no longer be found probably due to it been destroyed by rain or misplaced by staff of that department?

VC: We are recruiting new law lecturers. The governor gave us 50 million for law accreditation

VC: I have expanded the Law library and built a new moot court which can take over 200 people. I have put in an E-library in the main law building and in the main library.
His excellency made a donation of 50 million and the former dean has been supportive.

VC: Prof Nnabue the commissioner of education is helpful too, even prof Nnamdi Obiaraeri the outgoing law dean has been helpful

VC: 5 gigantic buildings will commence. Before December, the new Faculty of Education, Science, PD building et cetera will take off. About 5 gigantic buildings will kick off.

VC: They are not destroyed but parked in a place. They are started up and very large volume. Our staff are overwhelmed by the volume but once we conclude the digitization we will go back to the archives to get others

VC to Charles Nwosu: When you send somebody there to look for something, the person is overwhelmed. So, after digitization, whatever is not seen will be searched for.

VC: His Excellency had said Agric department will move and the buildings have commenced.

VC: It will be a big complex, we are looking forward to getting the buildings completed. We have started our plantations there already. Palm plantation, orchids etc has started . The university is being decentralized to the 3 zones and we are in support of that

Esiobu Nnaemeka Success-Achievers: PG school fees is too high.. how can you address that

Ebere Jenyruth: sir is it true that the department of biochemistry will be under medical college?

Ozoemena Nwauwa: When is the Orlu Campus of Imo Polytechnic starting?

----Ik Ogbonna and The Team Welcomes Prof Rev. Fr. Jerome Okonkwo DVC admin.----

VC to Esiogbu: We are looking forward to have things like fruit orchards, pineapple, palm plantation etc and it is one of the ways of decentralizing the university as his excellency has said they would be moving to Aboh Mbaise.

Henry Rotimi Oshowo: When is convocation likely to hold?

VC On free education: facts are sacred, comments are free. No child in IMSU has been sent home in the past 3 yrs because of school fees. The university had not closed for financial reasons nor are we owing salaries. So how have we been operating? Gov Okorocha has been meeting our needs. The school fees here is 100,000 Naira which the government pays and for non IMOLITES he pays 50,000 and they pay the rest, we used to pay acceptance fees, all institutions collect this fee.

VC: The politicians are saying there is no free education because of ancillary fees like ID card, access to computer, etc which came to 25,000. So His Excellency had to cancel all fees.

VC to Nwachukwu Bright: What the governor did from the beginning was to say that there are 16,000 Imo Indigenes and the governor pays the money.
We used to collect an Acceptance fee just once in life of an Imo Star.
The government have taken the bull by the horn but people are saying that there is no free education therefore, His excellency cancelled the entire fee in order to clear the air.
If there is any fee to be paid, it would be due to departmental concerns.

Ebere Jenyruth: Sir, microbiology is the largest populated course, it's divided into two, industrial microbiology and microbiology yet we offer the same course, please sir can it be made just one course so that number of students can reduce and thereby we shall have space to learn especially the lab aspect?

Chinedu Obi: Good day Mr President and Mr. Vice Chancellor. Thanks for this opportunity providing interface between the alumni and the university authority. On one of our visits early this year we complained about courses that lost accreditation, may you update us on the progress so made in that direction

Esiobu Nnaemeka Success-Achievers:
Prof. M.Sc and P/Hd School fees is just too high.. 147,000and 167,000 respectively. Is there nothing they can do to reduce it?

VC: The government is now erecting structures for the first time since 1992 except Udenwa who built structures in Orlu teaching hospital. Send your child here and see the free education policy.

VC: Since Imo was created I got all manner of scholarship but no child of Imo had gotten bursary or scholarship until now.

Esiobu Nnaemeka Success-Achievers: Prof, What is the Fate of Best Graduating student in IMSU. I was in my dept. with a CGPA of 4.28 yet no scholarship for M.Sc

VC to Everyone: I went to school on scholarship and since Imo state has been created there has been no scholarship.
Now that a governor has put in his best, why must people talk?

Favourgracey Chizaram: How much exactly is the school fees for non indigenes?

Ik Ogbonna: Jerry Alagbaiso has attracted projects for us thru Tetfund and we are grateful. Imsu is not owned by Owelle and will continue after him. I have heard we take more of non indigenes than indigenes, how possible?

VC to Everyone: The politicians should not see IMSU as a political ground because IMSU is for everyone. Therefore, we must all put hands together.

VC to Everyone: Education is now free for all, indigenes and non indigenes including the scrapping of acceptance fee

VC: I have published the list of admitted students for all to see. Facts are sacred, free education is real.

VC to Everyone: Free education is good and everyone should commend the government of the day for this laudable effort.

Chinedu Obi: We also muted the idea of a homecoming of all Imo Stars and Mr vice Chancellor had suggested that the program will be most suitable during the convocation ceremony, do we have a convocation in view?

VC: The senate of Imsu passed a resolution thanking the governor and warned that anyone that will not continue this policy should not be voted in to office.

Ebere Jenyruth I really don't like the idea of non indigines having free education as well, 50% to them is enough already.

Charles Nwosu: My Honourable VC Sir, my 2nd question is: the IMSU Alumni is planning for a Homecoming of all graduates of Imsu to come back home to IMSU for a weeklong event that is meant to contribute possitively to the growth of the institution. This event is planned to coincide with the next convocation ceremony of the School. So I would want to know when the Convocation is likely to come so we can plan properly Sir.

VC: Employment of imo stars: I have said earlier that I started graduate assistance ship in imsu

Iwualla Victor: Gd day my president and d honorable vc, d dept of maths/computer / statistics still seems far in d masters and pm levels, what's d plan to bridge this gap

Favourgracey Chizaram: Does it mean that no more school for non indigenes also. Please sir, can u clear the air on this issue?

Ik Ogbonna: The university remains universal and looks for the best where ever they are found. The last time, we advertised for the first time stating criteria. Once a graduate or alumnus meets the standard, we will hire them but we are guided by excellence

Esiobu Nnaemeka Success-Achievers: But i have not been officially given job even though i was the best graduate of my set... VC

Francis Udoka Ndimkoha: 1) I applied for transcript for my M.A application in UNN since April and till date, am yet to get it. I've burnt myself out in expenses to no avail. Am actually on the verge of losing that admission. (English Dept)

2) What is the university doing to stem the tide of victimization of students by lecturers as regards marking down student's result for personal reasons. I was a victim of such from Barr. Enesha. (English Dept)

VC: On convocation: yes we have not had one in 4 yrs and we are planning for one.

VC:: We will do it during the dry season and planning it in January or mid February, we will keep you posted. The home coming is important and will be used to get alumni rep in the gov council who will be a bridge btw the council/ school and the alumni

VC on CONVOCATION: For the past four years, we haven't had convocation and it is the Chancellor of the University that should handle it. By January or Mid-February we should have a convocation.

Nwakaego Rosemary Ebizie: My vc sir, please what is the management doing concerning the issuing of certificate? I have applied since 16th of April, when l called back last month, they said the school has no dommy, please sir I am at the verge of loosing my job. They gave me deadline on this October.

Iwualla Victor: Pm sir, I mean project management at the Post graduate level

Ik Ogbonna (NIPR SECRETARY): The VC has agreed that an alumnus join the convocation planning committee on the request of the national president

Henry Rotimi Oshowo: My Vc sir, are certificates ready for collection?

VC: We have purchased 28 vehicles such that all or deans now have new cars. We have new buses too for field trip.

VC: We no longer hire buses for field trips any more

Charles Nwosu: Sir, the new Hostels built by NDDC, when will students start occupying them?

Abba Maraoke NATIONAL PRESIDENT: May I request that an IMSU ALUMNI member be a part of the Convocation?

VC: Yes, there is no problem.

Esiobu: Most universities give scholarships awarded by individuals to best students.

VC on Best Graduating Student: There is no scholarship only a prize which will be given to students.

VC: The pro chancellor, Chike Okafor and UCHE Nwosu have instituted best graduating students awards. But not scholarship from the school. If you have a first class, we can take you as graduate assistant.

Nwakaego Rosemary Ebizie: Mr Ik, please talk on Imsu certificate, the dommy.

Esiobu Nnaemeka Success-Achievers: I have zeal for academic and research. I have also attended conferences and presented papers. published journals.. I just need encouragment form my school IMSU
I study agric econs (08/0013)

Iwualla Victor: What is the school doing to encourage research and post graduate studies in the school?

Chidimma Obierefu Nwachukwu: Thank you honourable VC and staff of Imsu. We have been having challenges collecting original certificates of our degree. I was told that the dommy is not available and to come back after one year. This is affecting our progress in academic pursuits. Could you please sir assist in addressing this and when do you think we can come back to pick up the certificate?

Chidimma Obierefu Nwachukwu: On best graduating student also, I was neither given an award nor offer graduate assistance. I followed up on it after NYSC to see if I could be offered graduate assistance to no avail. Are there chances or opportunity for this now? I studied Chemistry.

VC on NDDC Hostel: The hostel has not been formally handed over to the university and once the road is done and the cafetaria and other things are put in place the hostel will be made open.

VC on VICTIMIZATION: If you are marked down for personal reasons and you don't report, it becomes difficult and if a lecturer is caught more than once, he/she will be removed. Bring in the report and you will be re-marked.

VC On research and PG: we have research grants for research but not strong on research because we need well equipped labs

VC: We are working on improving them. On sciences, we have placed order for certain equipment and once they come in we will be ok. Tetfund is helping in this regards too

VC: We are working on our own to create the basics on research, on Agric we are compounding our own feeds to be marketed around.

VC: Both for fish, birds and pigs. We have getting linkages with foreign institutions too for exchange programmes. We need the alumni to help bring in facilities with their contacts at home and in diaspora in that regards.

Esiobu Nnaemeka Success-Achievers: Prof On TETFUND...I know the fund is for research but some stafffs dont get it when they apply. why?

VC: If you have a first class, you could be considered for graduate assistant.

VC: Once again, we are addressing the issue of transcript and certificates which I think are the major issues affecting the alumni.

Nwakaego Rosemary Ebizie: This dummy, how can it take more than a year to produce, l was thinking you will say the dummy is in school, when will this order arrives?

VC On Tetfund: we give it out as they come on annual basis. Emma Ibekwe an alumnus got one and we give what Tetfund send to us. Forms are out for filling now. We don't have reasons to keep the money if people submit proper proposal for it

VC on TetFund: If you apply for it, you get it. Noone is withholding it

Matthew Prince Ihejieto: Please i want to know what IMSU is doing to upgrade the standard of learning as the position of the school rating is dropping by the day,looking at the NUC rating of state universities our position is nothing to write home now compare to when IMSU was rated the best state university in Nigeria,yea we can see new structures coming up,what about the rating ?

VC: There are lots of projects from Tetfund and the state government . We are happy with the fairness and transparency so far.

Abba Maraoke IMSU-ALUMNI NATIONAL PRESIDENT: We are happy with the way he has managed the relationship with the government so far, it shows his management expertise. He has taken questions from all areas. The home coming is important to us as it will bring all alumni together to bring us around to see things for ourself.

Abba Maraoke IMSU-ALUMNI NATIONAL PRESIDENT: He has said the convocation will be between January and February and to include us in the planning. We thank him for his efforts, we as alumnus are critical stakeholders and will support him.

Abba Maraoke IMSU-ALUMNI NATIONAL PRESIDENT: We wish him all the best and assure him of our support while calling on our members who are able to harken to the call of the VC for assistance.
As alumni, we embarked on assisting by donating scanners to exams and records department
We deliver on whatever commitment we make. We will present by December 10 advanced scanners

Nwakaego Rosemary Ebizie: This is indeed wonderful, thanks so much for your creative nature. I can beat my chest now that the VC is aware of the issue of certificate. Thanks again for your kind gesture.

VC: Ogbonna God has rewarded our works, diamond bank is now renovating our cafeteria. Comassie hall is being fixed by first bank. The government has made a pronouncement that this is our permanent site.

Abba Maraoke NATIONAL PRESIDENT - Closing Remark: I am happy that the certificate for people who graduated previously is (been) taken care of in order to reduce the time it takes for an Imsu-Alumni to facilitate his work as fast as possible.
I am happy with the level of student and lecturer relationship.
I am grateful to him for having created the Alumni- Desk and I am very happy with that.
This social media chat is the first of its kind so, I think this is worthy of commendation.We need to support the VC in constructive suggestions and help him in his efforts.
The VC's relationship with the Governor is very good as this has made the school move further.
The VC is vast as he received questions from all perspective and he answered greatly.
Important to us is the Home-Coming which is being planned and I want to wish him God's Blessings in all his endeavors.
I want to thank the DVC and the rest of the staff and members who may not have an opportunity to be a part of this.
The key reason why we chose the social media is that it affords us a wider coverage as those outside their country can be a part of it.
I want to offer my services in delivering advanced training anytime I am called upon for the ICT staff in the university.
I want to thank Ik Ogbonna who at one time was the National President and to thank him for pulling his time out. Thank You.

VC - Closing Remark: We want to create a relationship between the staff and students and to let the people know that some of the achievements we have attained is due to the council which is the best so far and the help of the governor.
The council was able to remodel the former cafeteria and set up 3 different 750 people capacity hall and obtained the permanent site of Imo State University.
There will be a convocation and this university will be better and moved forward. Gone are the days of favoritism as the university have started well with me and it will continue to go well including digitization of the institution.

------Brought to you By: Comrade NEWS

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