Ponmo ready for the next buyer in the market
   I know most of us will look for this Adamu of a man and tell him to keep his opinion to himself, but then there surely is truth in what the man is advising us to do, simple: KEEP OFF PONMO MEAT!
Many people will argue that the guy is just being a conservationist since the industry he is on top of might be running short of hides and skin because of many voracious ponmo eaters in Nigeria, still you may want to read his argument about the dangers that eating ponmo exposes you to befor you go to the restaurant to order for your next plate of ponmo.

Isuwa Adamu, Director-General, Nigerian Institute of Leather Science and Technology (NILEST), Zaria, on Tuesday warned against the consumption of animal hides and skin known locally as “ponmo”.
Adamu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that the consumption of the product as meat substitute was dangerous to health.
According to him, scientifically, ponmo does not have any nutritional value to human health.
“In fact, it is not advisable for you to consume ponmo in the sense that some of the animals killed and used for ponmo actually have skin diseases.
“Some of these skin diseases are such that boiling them ordinarily, may not kill the bacteria,’’ Adamu said.
He added that some of the animals killed had been ill and undergoing injections but the rearers went ahead to kill them, leaving the buyers vulnerable to chemicals in the animal skin.
“Some of the animals because of the ailments that they have gone through, are sometimes treated by way of injection with chemicals.
“People don’t allow these chemicals to complete its cycle and be removed from the body; they sometimes go ahead to kill these animals.
“So, if you consume the ponmo, the tendency is that you are consuming the chemicals directly because the skin part of the animal retains most of the harmful substances.
“Remember your skin is the major protective organ of your body and your skin harbours so many of the harmful things that are supposed to penetrate into your body,’’ he explained.

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