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In life, it is funny that some of the most useful things are also some of the most dangerous. One of those things is electricity. Our lives are made difficult without it (I won't have been blogging without it) and lives are easily ended when excessively exposed to the raw form of it. One more life was ended about 2 weeks ago when a 200 level Imo State University Student, Okafor-Uba Promise Onyebuchi of the Department of Biochemistry (Pictured above) got electricuted while trying to fix a faulty electrical line.
Report from departmental mates and his neighbours (from the Bishop's court area of IMSU) said the young man threw caution to wind and climbed an electrical pole on a rainy day to fix a faulty line, but unfortunately got electrocuted by a high tension wire.
HE has already been buried.
Gossip: Some people made mention that what motivated the guy to engage in the fatal adventure was that he offered to fix the electric fault in order to receive a pay that would have been made to an electrician who was contacted to repair the fault. This is however unconfirmed. However, whatever the case, don't ever try this. Leave professional work for professionals.
You remember that thing they say? Fire is a good servant but a terrible master. Electricity is a horrendous master.
Meanwhile, yesterday, 8th October, 2014, his coursemates from the Biochemistry department in the faculty of Science, IMSU, marched round the school in black as they sang songs of lamentation and some could not hold back their tears. I heard one staff say, "I knew him, he was humble whenever he came here".
The mourning procession was led by Celestine Igwe, course rep BCM 200 level.
My the family of the departed have the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable loss.
BCM Students mourn the loss

Celestine Igwe, 200 level BCM course rep led the procession

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    1. It's not Celestine Igwe. His name was Okafor-Uba Promise

  2. Rip bro bt u fuckup cux i.e.e regulation state's dt water is a gud conductor of electricity u shuld hav knwn dis


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