We have gotten confirmation from a reliable source that the controversial matriculation date has now been fixed to hold on 6th of June,2014.
We got this confirmation today through a call to the Public Relations Officer of IMSU, Mr. Ralph Njoku Obi. We also gathered that the Orientation programme, that is made to get the "freshers" acquainted with how things are run in the university will hold between 2nd and 3rd of June at the school auditorium.
We promised to inform you once we get this info from a reliable source and now we have. We hope nothing will lead to a change in the date.
As for the Rag Day, we can't actually be specific on that because it is not an official matter. We all know that it is the students who take it upon themselves.
Happy matriculation to our freshmen though you are old already here due to delays... Lol


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